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Chinese New Year


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Chinese New Year Empty Chinese New Year

Post by Stardust Wed Jan 11 2017, 20:53

This year Chinese New Year is on Saturday 28th January (2017).
It will be the year of the red chicken (or fire rooster).
A few facts about Chinese New Year:
and more:
yet more:

Jamboree wrote this in another thread (New Year):

Jamboree wrote:2017 Year of the Monkey -- but only for a few more weeks!
On 28th January 2017 starts the year of the Rooster.

  • I am alert
  • Ready to take action
  • The first on the scene
  • The last to leave
  • I take chances
  • But I am precise
  • I know where things belong
  • I am orderly and fastidious
  • Nothing escapes me
  • I am always prepared
  • I never give up or in

Chinese New Year 2017

New Year, or the “Spring Festival” as it is known in China, is the longest and most important holiday in China. The Chinese New Year 2017 begins on January 28, 2017. The Chinese New Year’s festivities end two weeks later on the 15th day of the first month on what is known as the Lantern Festival.

During the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, there are many traditional activities, some local and others celebrated universally. The Chinese believe that as they enter a new year, they should start a new beginning. They clean their houses, pay off all of their debts, purchase new clothes, paint their doors, and even get new haircuts in order to have a fresh start for the new year.

Homes throughout China are decorated with special banners, many of which are red and gold; the traditional representations of happiness and prosperity.

One very fun tradition of the Chinese New Year is exchanging gifts. A traditional present that is given is small red envelopes filled with “lucky money”. These envelopes are given to children by their family and friends.

The dragon is a very popular symbol for the Chinese New Year. It is a symbol of strength and good luck. A Chinese New Year 2017 celebration would not be complete without a giant dragon parading down the street. The dragon costume is always very colorful and can be up to 100 feet long. People inside the costume make the dragon move up and down as it zigzags past the spectators.

During the Chinese New Year 2017 you will see fireworks and hear firecrackers! There are many beliefs about why fireworks are used. One belief is that the noise of the fireworks is supposed to scare away all evil spirits allowing the new year to begin without misfortunes.

Chinese New Year Rooster-5

Wishing for everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

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Chinese New Year Empty 2018 - Year of the Earth Dog

Post by Stardust Thu Feb 01 2018, 14:17

16th February 2018: Year of the Earth Dog starts.

More info here:

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Chinese New Year Empty Re: Chinese New Year

Post by kELLY Sat Oct 17 2020, 04:31

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