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Latest topics

» Silly Endings.
by Feather Today at 11:47

» Keep a Word - Delete a Word
by Whiskers 18th July 2018, 12:25

» Jellyfish swarm turns sea pink
by Kitkat 12th July 2018, 17:28

» Backpacker hospitalized with sepsis after mosquito bite coma
by Kitkat 6th July 2018, 10:00

» Antwerp Railway Station.
by Kitkat 3rd July 2018, 14:57

» Garden Gossip
by Kitkat 1st July 2018, 10:07

» The power of the tweet !
by Kitkat 28th June 2018, 19:28

» Eighty-two chihuahuas found at Birmingham house
by Kitkat 25th June 2018, 12:28

» Stardust on the Moon
by Whiskers 12th June 2018, 20:36

» Feather by the sea.
by Stardust 10th June 2018, 20:46

» Pic-pick of the week
by Jamboree 10th June 2018, 02:10

» Notification of new posts made on the Forum
by Kitkat 3rd June 2018, 11:54

» Oh, well done! - crafty little crayfish
by Kitkat 3rd June 2018, 11:26

» The Spiritlove Forum
by OreoCat85 1st June 2018, 08:51

» Notification of new PMs (private messages) [solved]
by Kitkat 28th May 2018, 22:27

» Costco is where the talent is
by Kitkat 26th May 2018, 17:01

» What is GDPR ?
by Kitkat 26th May 2018, 12:55

» New 'Like' feature on the forum
by Kitkat 25th May 2018, 22:27

» The cartoon thread.
by Kitkat 24th May 2018, 16:08

» Goodbye Depo Provera
by OreoCat85 24th May 2018, 10:53

» The Greatest Showman
by OreoCat85 24th May 2018, 10:50

» Ashya: The Untold Story
by Whiskers 22nd May 2018, 11:07

» Raincheck! Sorry, I'm doing my nails ...
by Kitkat 18th May 2018, 11:18

» Forum going slow
by Kitkat 17th May 2018, 13:31

» Eurovision 2018: 7 things to look out for during the show
by Kitkat 12th May 2018, 17:36

» Woman asks firefighters to help'stoned' raccoon
by Kitkat 12th May 2018, 12:35

» Poetry from the heart.
by Kitkat 12th May 2018, 11:20

» "Moonlight Sonata" - A Morning in May
by Feather 12th May 2018, 10:37

» Red tide: Electric blue waves wash California shore
by Kitkat 11th May 2018, 12:18

» Rolling stock that just ... doesn't
by Kitkat 8th May 2018, 22:49

» Like cake?
by bimbow 8th May 2018, 22:15

» Shoulda known it was too good to be true ...
by Kitkat 8th May 2018, 11:05

» The Irish Thread
by Kitkat 3rd May 2018, 11:49

» MPs call for ESA death statistics to be published (Calum's List)
by Kitkat 24th April 2018, 20:26

» 'Messy' mum barred from pub
by Kitkat 23rd April 2018, 14:21

» Prime cheek!
by OreoCat85 22nd April 2018, 19:18

» Endowarriror os now OreoCat85
by Whiskers 22nd April 2018, 18:38

» Migraine is more than 'just a headache'
by Jamboree 19th April 2018, 09:04

» View all new posts since last visit - at a glance
by Kitkat 9th April 2018, 11:36

» Ronnie Corbett in an opera spoof?
by bimbow 7th April 2018, 23:02

» Henry and Baloo leave their pawprints in our hearts
by Whiskers 6th April 2018, 21:55

» Orkney: When the Boat Comes In
by Kitkat 6th April 2018, 16:30

» The Worst Construction Mistakes Ever
by Whiskers 5th April 2018, 12:00

» Nature
by Whiskers 4th April 2018, 12:00

» Wildlife - death of Sudan, last male White Northern Rhino
by Stardust 4th April 2018, 09:36

» Stephen Hawking's warnings: What he predicted for the future
by Whiskers 3rd April 2018, 22:05

» Facebook links
by Stardust 3rd April 2018, 11:39

» A Granma's Anagrams
by Whiskers 3rd April 2018, 11:23

» Is Peer Review all it's cracked up to be?
by Stardust 3rd April 2018, 10:02

» Guess the word
by Jamboree 31st March 2018, 16:09

» Question for Forum Bloggers (Poll)
by Kitkat 30th March 2018, 23:05

» Happy Easter
by Kitkat 30th March 2018, 23:01

» Wild Scotland
by Whiskers 29th March 2018, 20:03

» A blink's as good as a smile
by Kitkat 27th March 2018, 21:08

» World's oldest cave art
by Stardust 27th March 2018, 11:23

» Kemerovo fire kills at least 64
by Stardust 27th March 2018, 10:52

» Blogthings: The Labyrinth Test
by Stardust 26th March 2018, 17:10

» Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Red Carpet selfies banned
by Stardust 26th March 2018, 13:33

» True hero: Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame
by Kitkat 25th March 2018, 22:27

» Books
by Kitkat 24th March 2018, 16:48

» Cosmic beauty
by Stardust 23rd March 2018, 11:26

» Blogthings: The Easter egg personality test.
by Kitkat 23rd March 2018, 10:29

» Blogthings: What part of Spring are you?
by Stardust 23rd March 2018, 10:13

» So you think you know cats... read on
by Stardust 23rd March 2018, 09:43

by Kitkat 22nd March 2018, 13:09

» Blogthings: what forest animal are you?
by Whiskers 21st March 2018, 16:40

» Bureaucats: Whiskers in the Workplace
by Whiskers 21st March 2018, 15:45

» Wildlife - lions eat the poacher
by Whiskers 21st March 2018, 15:43

» Wildlife - San Francisco to ban sale of fur
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 11:48

» The Beast from the East?
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 10:44

» Delicious and nutritious
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 10:19

» April Fools
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 07:57

» Your man with the glasses ...
by Kitkat 20th March 2018, 13:36

» Message in a bottle
by Stardust 20th March 2018, 09:39

» Upper Back Pain
by Kitkat 10th March 2018, 16:14

» [solved] Yahoo Mail down - again!
by Kitkat 9th March 2018, 23:00

» Concerns with Wikipedia (and "filter bubbles") - Guerrilla Skeptics at Large
by Kitkat 3rd March 2018, 23:29

» Wonderful images - fabulous music
by bimbow 1st March 2018, 17:23

» The Beast from the East
by Kitkat 1st March 2018, 14:01

» Invasion of the sex-craved spiders! EEK!
by lar-lar 25th February 2018, 21:32

» Daughter fundraising to save her terminally ill mother
by Jamboree 18th February 2018, 11:53

» Kitkat's KK Blog
by Kitkat 15th February 2018, 21:36

» A Day in The Life of a Dictator - Documentary
by Jamboree 12th February 2018, 07:21

» A coconut in a coffin?
by Whiskers 9th February 2018, 20:35

» Limericks
by bimbow 8th February 2018, 21:22

» Is there a Cathy in the place?
by Kitkat 1st February 2018, 19:17

» Chinese New Year
by Stardust 1st February 2018, 14:17

» What's your emergency?
by Whiskers 27th January 2018, 13:09

» YouTube free-loading vlogger gets a much needed lesson in reality
by Whiskers 22nd January 2018, 20:17

» Three-month-old baby says "hello"
by Kitkat 13th January 2018, 15:00

» 60 Christmas traditions around the world
by Kitkat 30th December 2017, 21:58

» Simon's Cat
by Kitkat 26th December 2017, 16:27

» A new(ish) song for Christmas.
by Whiskers 24th December 2017, 13:49

» Merry Christmas
by Whiskers 24th December 2017, 13:37

» The Christmas Thread
by Kitkat 20th December 2017, 21:22

» A reader's response to your article on food waste
by Whiskers 18th December 2017, 14:35

» Downward Dog
by Kitkat 4th December 2017, 21:35

» A very young Bee Gees treat
by Whiskers 29th November 2017, 16:35

» The life and achievements of Dr Elsie Inglis
by Kitkat 26th November 2017, 09:14

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No new posts   Jellyfish swarm turns sea pink 0Kitkat17avatarView latest post on 12th July 2018, 17:28
by Kitkat
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by Jamboree
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by Kitkat
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by Stardust
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by Stardust
No new posts   Folklore 0Stardust205avatarView latest post on 28th January 2017, 20:00
by Stardust
No new posts   An artificial intelligence wrote a Christmas song. 5bimbow222avatarView latest post on 18th December 2016, 13:46
by Stardust
No new posts   Is the jar half-full or half-empty? 2Kitkat211avatarView latest post on 5th December 2016, 19:05
by Stardust
No new posts   Triple Supermoon 2016 

The Monday, Nov. 14 supermoon will be especially 'super' because it's the closest full moon to Earth since 1948, ans we won't see another like this until 2034.

2Kitkat239avatarView latest post on 14th November 2016, 06:51
by Stardust
No new posts   'Moonbow' photographed over Yorkshire 1Kitkat152avatarView latest post on 19th October 2016, 22:47
by Stardust
No new posts   Hairy news from HuffPost 0Stardust137avatarView latest post on 30th September 2016, 08:22
by Stardust
No new posts   Lykoi cats 3Stardust199avatarView latest post on 20th June 2016, 22:36
by Feather
No new posts   Upside-down rainbow ? 0Kitkat247avatarView latest post on 18th January 2016, 14:36
by Kitkat
No new posts   Europe will be gone by 2016 - according to Baba Vanga: "Nostradamus of the Balkans" 4Kitkat804avatarView latest post on 24th November 2015, 01:09
by Whiskers
No new posts   The most mysterious star in our galaxy 1Jamboree327avatarView latest post on 14th October 2015, 17:10
by Kitkat
No new posts   Aurora Borealis 0Kitkat261avatarView latest post on 8th October 2015, 09:57
by Kitkat
No new posts   Official police guidance tells investigators not to rule out 'psychic help' in missing people cases  6Kitkat751avatarView latest post on 19th September 2015, 08:37
by Umberto Cocopop
No new posts   "The most beautiful thing to happen to humanity". 3bimbow396avatarView latest post on 6th July 2015, 17:37
by Stardust
No new posts   Big Bang? Or .................. 0Kitkat297avatarView latest post on 22nd May 2015, 00:59
by Kitkat
No new posts   Parallel Universe(s)? 0Kitkat295avatarView latest post on 4th May 2015, 20:10
by Kitkat
No new posts   The 13th Zodiac Sign - Ophiuchus 5Kitkat489avatarView latest post on 23rd March 2015, 18:50
by Kitkat
No new posts   Secrets of Stonehenge (Documentary) 0Kitkat297avatarView latest post on 4th March 2015, 23:35
by Kitkat
No new posts   Can time run backwards? 1Kitkat320avatarView latest post on 2nd March 2015, 10:50
by Stardust
No new posts   Interview with Anthropologist Jack Hunter (Alex Tsakiris) 

on Paranthropology and the significance of cross-cultural spirit communication for parapsychology

6Kitkat369avatarView latest post on 20th January 2015, 11:18
by Kitkat
No new posts   Secrets of the Universe: Great Scientists in Their Own Words 

BBC Four documentary : 5 November 2014

0Kitkat369avatarView latest post on 5th November 2014, 20:07
by Kitkat
No new posts   8 Unsolved Mysteries of the World 2Kitkat335avatarView latest post on 28th October 2014, 18:44
by Kitkat
No new posts   Family receive texts from dead grandma 3 years after her death 3Kitkat323avatarView latest post on 17th October 2014, 16:52
by Umberto Cocopop
No new posts   Total Lunar Eclipse Will Turn the Moon Blood Red (Video) 

This event expected on 8th October 2014

0Kitkat288avatarView latest post on 6th October 2014, 11:34
by Kitkat
No new posts   Footage of powerful solar flares 1Kitkat318avatarView latest post on 2nd September 2014, 13:16
by Whiskers
No new posts   Supermoon 1Kitkat345avatarView latest post on 12th August 2014, 11:04
by Stardust
No new posts   Matter can be created from light - scientists will demonstrate 1, 238Kitkat737avatarView latest post on 12th June 2014, 20:54
by Feather
No new posts   Starling Murmurations 

a 4-minute video

4Kitkat318avatarView latest post on 10th March 2014, 20:30
by Whiskers
No new posts   The Revelation of the Pyramids 0Kitkat271avatarView latest post on 7th October 2013, 16:12
by Kitkat
No new posts   The elephants knew 

How did they know?

0Kitkat274avatarView latest post on 3rd October 2013, 21:02
by Kitkat
No new posts   Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013: in pictures 

Out of this world

0Kitkat268avatarView latest post on 24th September 2013, 15:57
by Kitkat
No new posts   EVP (Electronic Voice Projection) 

Instigator - Konstantine Raudive

0Kitkat1240avatarView latest post on 26th March 2013, 14:19
by Kitkat
No new posts   Cat’s 200-Mile Trek Home Leaves Scientists Guessing 6Kitkat364avatarView latest post on 7th March 2013, 08:37
by Pixie
No new posts   The Scole Experiments 

(copied from 'Links to other Sites')

11Kitkat988View latest post on 23rd February 2013, 20:19
by Aussiepom
No new posts   Strange lights in the sky 3Jamboree389avatarView latest post on 28th September 2012, 14:30
by Whiskers
No new posts   Venus makes rare trek across the Sun 0Kitkat354avatarView latest post on 6th June 2012, 11:13
by Kitkat
No new posts   White Collar Medium 19Kitkat1139avatarView latest post on 17th April 2012, 17:10
by Kitkat
No new posts   Morality of using a medium for grieving people 8Umberto Cocopop545avatarView latest post on 11th March 2012, 23:52
by lar-lar
No new posts   Aurora Borealis 

21st to 23rd January 2012

0Kitkat468avatarView latest post on 23rd January 2012, 19:03
by Kitkat
No new posts   Geese fly with man who reared them 0Kitkat416avatarView latest post on 29th December 2011, 13:39
by Kitkat
No new posts   Anaesthesia gives clues as to the nature of consciousness 5Umberto Cocopop488avatarView latest post on 10th December 2011, 14:18
by Kitkat
No new posts   OTHER DIMENSIONS 23Feather675avatarView latest post on 23rd October 2011, 09:54
by Pixie
No new posts   Victoria's Dark Secrets 10Kitkat448avatarView latest post on 6th May 2011, 14:12
by Guest
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