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I hope everyone is safe from the rages of Ophelia. Not forgetting the poor frightened animals too. xx
Hearing all the stories here. 3 people have died so far in Ireland with trees hitting cars. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would venture out in a car in a hurricane!!!
A really strange golden hue in the atmosphere here in London. And a weird but slightly familiar smell in the air - reminds me of just before a sandstorm in Libya.




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Post by Kitkat on Sat 12 Jul 2014, 18:26

'Streetlife' is the online equivalent of the local newspaper - but spans as many areas around your own area that you sign up for and that you are particularly interested in.

It was through Streetlife that this little social meet-up group was created a little while back, where a few of us meet up (usually on a Saturday afternoon) at a restaurant or venue suggested by a different person in the group each time.  There's normally about 8 to 10 of us.  The first one I went to was actually just the second one that had been arranged - and it was in a little café on the corner near Queens Park Station which I used to frequent a lot when I lived there.  Changed names now and still a very pleasant place to go, I met up with a real nice bunch that time - and it was through there that I found out about the film 'Jimmy's Hall' which was showing at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn.  I had arranged to go there with one of the people I had met (Tricia) - and my brother came along also.  Really enjoyed it.

It's a really nice and novel way to meet what can turn out to be new friends and find out interesting places to go, restaurants etc.  I enjoyed that first time so much - and did suggest afterwards that we could have as our motto a little saying that can be found on a plaque on the wall of the Bingo in Cricklewood Broadway ...
It says "There are no strangers here - only friends we have yet to meet".  This has actually been adopted now as the Group's motto, as others enjoy it so much also, making new friends and through these meetings also finding out about other things to do around the place that interest them - also things like where to find a window-cleaner, reputable car mechanic, gardener etc - things like this get swapped around too.

Just back from my second meet-up with them - the venue this time was arranged by Tricia, who lives in West Hampstead. We met at a lovely little restaurant there - which serves the most fabulous array of salads, amongst other things, but actually the whole area around there (West End Lane) is just full of these lovely unique places to try out - cafés, restaurants, pubs.  Finding parking is a nightmare around there as it's so popular, but guess what ... :aok:  ... not a problem for me now, pirat as there are quite a few Disabled Blue Badge parking bays in the streets around there. woohoo

There were 8 of us there today. Some just had a coffee, some just a long cool drink, some (like myself) sampled some of the amazing (pick 'n' mix) salads on offer.  
It was truly an international group gathered around the huge old-fashioned heavy oak table (which we were so lucky to find as it's only quite a small place and very popular).
We had 1 Scottish girl, 1 English, 1 Argentinian, 1 Italian, 1 from the Seychelles, 1 from "many parts of Africa", 1 Algerian (the only guy there), and 1 Irish (myself).

The Argentian is arranging the next one - which is going to be somewhere around Maida Vale, possibly somewhere down along the canal .... and depending on what happens in the final of the footie - we have been requested that if Argentina loses (which she is convinced will NOT be the case) - but IF it is, then it's going to be a Fawlty Towers scenario .... Instead of "Don't mention the WAR" ...  giggle  it will be a case of "Don't mention the FOOTBALL!"   hanged

When it comes to my turn to arrange the venue, it's going to be, of course - my favourite meeting place - the water café barge at Little Venice.  Very Happy

It was also through 'Streetlife' that I found out about the fascist march that's going to be taking place next Saturday. chair )   If it hadn't been for Streetlife, I would not even have known about this event (to avoid!) that's going to be happening - virtually on my doorstep!  I am actually very tempted to join in the "peaceful counter-demonstration" planned to coincide in opposition to it .... but ... we all know only too well the sort of situations that can arise from "peaceful demonstrations".  Something tells me that next Saturday around the area where I live is going to be anything but peaceful!   scared

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