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Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Post by Kitkat on Mon 25 Feb 2013 - 17:35

This looks interesting.

The Road: A story of life and death

The A5 is (I believe) the longest road in the UK - one of the first (if not the first) Roman roads.

Showing at the Tricycle Cinema in Kilburn from 22 February 2013. I'm hoping to get to go see it while it's still running there.

It looks at the fortunes of people who have come from different parts of the world to live and work on or near the A5 which Cricklewood Broadway forms a part. Filming is done in locations in Kilburn eg Sir Colin Campbell pub, Marriot Hotel and in Cricklewood eg Pedro's Cafe, The Lucky Seven (pub), Beacon Bingo, Cricklewood Homeless Concern.

Acclaimed documentarian Marc Isaacs follows the A5 – one of the main immigration routes into the UK – discovering the profoundly moving stories of a number of characters who have made their way to London from all over the world.

A study of immigration that deliberately avoids being polemical or didactic, and featuring voices that generally remain unheard, The Road offers a fascinating and valuable insight into how life is for people who have come to this country from elsewhere.

‘Touching, funny and revealing’ Hollywood Reporter

‘Full of poignancy’ Irish World

Admin Kat
Admin Kat

Posts : 3555
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Location : Around the bend


Post by Kitkat on Wed 3 Apr 2013 - 0:52

Found it on BBC iPlayer! :thumb: (Available for another 5 days only)

The Road, a Story of Life and Death
Documentary in which critically-acclaimed filmmaker Marc Isaacs paints a rich portrait of multicultural life in the UK by looking at the lives of immigrants living along the A5, one of Britain's longest and oldest roads. Stretching from London to the Welsh coast, the road has always been an important lifeline for new émigrés. Today, it is a microcosm of the wider world, and the film meets people from across the globe whose lives now orbit around the road.

From Irish immigrants like aspiring young singer Keelta, and Billy, an ageing Irish labourer struggling to find meaning to his life, to glamorous German-born air hostess Brigitte, Austrian Peggy, 95, who lost most of her family during the Holocaust, and Iqbal, a Kashmiri hotel concierge trying to secure a visa for his wife so she can join him in London, their poignant stories of loss and the search for belonging are woven together into a rich tapestry of human experience.

Available until
8:14PM Sun, 7 Apr 2013
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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A5 Adventures

Post by Kitkat on Mon 5 May 2014 - 8:32

On Friday, I went to meet with a friend who lives in Harpenden - one of the many interesting and pretty places along the A5 route.   My first 'proper' trip in my shiny new Up!  (Missy)

The Up! version that I have acquired is appropriately called 'Move' (There are 13 differently called models of the Up!  - including 'Take Up', Move Up, High, Groove, Rock ...etc)  Very appropriate for me that I've got the one called MOVE because that is exactly what this little treasure is designed to do for me!)  so it seems only natural I suppose to make a move towards exploring the historic route that goes to make up The A5 Road.  I live just off this road, and something I've always hankered to do, is to follow and explore the whole length of the road.

The A5 is a major road in England and Wales. It runs for about 260 miles (420 km) (including sections concurrent with other designations) from London, England to Holyhead, Wales, following in part a section of the Roman Iter II route which later took the Anglo-Saxon name Watling Street.

My friend does voluntary work 2-3 days a week in a Charity Shop. I had arranged to meet him after his Friday morning stint in the shop - at the coffee place right next to the shop.  I had found just one parking place right in the middle of the town, and when I parked up and phoned him to find out where I go from there, describing my immediate whereabouts - he said just look in front of you, maybe 2 mintues away, and you will see the coffee shop.  He was standing outside when I got there!  I could  not have got any nearer to the place - and I had just sailed smoothly into this [only] parking place as soon as I got there.  It was meant!

Harpenden can be approached by way of three other major routes from where I am, but being almost phobically averse to boring motorway driving, my choice of route was a straight road (more or less!) keeping to the Roman tradition, passing through some lovely little villages and towns (well, you can probably eliminate Edgware, one of the first, from the pretty or interesting category), but once you Move Up!  Wink  into the bordering  county of Hertfordshire, through places like Radlett and St Albans, it's really quite a pleasant journey and I thoroughly enjoyed the doing of it.

My trip took me not much more than an hour, which surprised both my friend and myself really, considering I was going along for the most part at a comfortable pace and had even made a 10 mins or so stop to fill up with petrol along the way.

I enjoyed my mini tour of this lovely little town, and before I left to come back (avoiding the Friday evening rush-hours), I had a mooch around the charity shop where my friend works.
Spent £7.50 there on the purchase of a few interesting and unique little items:  A lovely little painted milk jug, two small and unusually decorated stoneware drinking mugs - perfect for coffee - a nicely decorated china, medium-sized sort of trinket box with lid, the colours perfectly matched for my newly constructed walk-in shower room.  That's gone straight in there on the window shelf.   And last but not least - a thingy ... some sort of weirdly shaped receptacle, again china with a pretty painted design.  After some humming and hawing, decided to place this beside the kettle to put the squeezed tea-bags in before transferring to the bin the other side of the kitchen, saving on drips en route and more importantly helping to avoid the spasms of gripping pain that can often occur on making sometimes the slightest of turns or movements (like lifting the kettle to pour water into the cup and then other movements like reaching for the milk, etc.)  On the days when the pain is really bad, I have found it's better to try and keep the turns and jerky movements to a minimum and try to do as much as I can "in a straight line".

So, thoroughly enjoyed my first mini practice run along at least part of the A5, although have to say I really paid for it later on that night (3 hours sleep) and most of the next day ... pains and grips.  That's what quite often happens.  Fine at the time when you're doing it, but it does often gang up on you the next day.
In this case it was the sitting in the car for such a length of time without changing position.  Although only about an hour or so, it was too long for me to be in ANY position for such a time.  I simply just have to remember to pace myself, take little breaks at regular intervals - even though I don't think I need to at the time, stretch the legs etc.

If I were to fulfill my dream and cover the whole road - all the way up to Holyhead, and (ya never know?) maybe on over to Ireland (a route I've taken many times in the past) ....  it might take me 5 or 6 times longer than it would take a 'normal' person - but it can be done and be quite an enjoyable experience.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Post by Kitkat on Sat 12 Jul 2014 - 2:38

Well, I thought the computer would be a good distraction, as not able to sleep tonight ...

but not exactly calming sleep-inducing reading material ...............  

Read this on the online equivalent of the local paper:

Fascist march in Cricklewood Saturday

Hi all, my husband picked up a leaflet at the tube about a fascist march planned for Cricklewood on Saturday 12th at 12 am. We are aiming to be there to support the opposition but I would like to alert you to this so that you can stand against them if you are interested. Personally I feel very strongly about people like this coming to our area to stir up trouble and attack our neighbours verbally. There will probably be information about this online if you are interested and feel the same way.

Yes, there's plenty online.  (Seems they got the date wrong - above though.  Everywhere else seems to be talking about Saturday 19th - unless there's a different one tomorrow)  chair

This makes pretty grim and scary reading:

VIP Member
VIP Member

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Post by Whiskers on Sat 12 Jul 2014 - 12:43

That is big time scary!  obgob 
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Post by Kitkat on Sun 13 Jul 2014 - 16:03


After an exhaustive 30 minute intel exercise on who was actually attending the South East Alliance march in Cricklewood on June 14th, we were shocked (not) at the soon to be assembled motley crew. What we can tell from the 130+ attendees on their Facebook event is that the overwhelming majority do not even come from London but all across the UK. A large proportion are loyalists and Rangers “fans”, a few out and out Neo-Nazi’s, toy town racists and queen and country “patriots”. We base our intel on the actually existing comments, friend connection and photographs that adorn their (Facebook) walls. The impression is of a mob of men, with aspirational tendencies for violence, racist and xenophobic behaviour – who haven’t really integrated with the multi-racial society that most of exist in. So, who are these “not racist” patriots coming to bother the good people of Cricklewood on Saturday 14th June?

“Heimdall Horde” – a member of the the “Hammerskin Nation” a White Power Skinhead from Spain that works in London on construction sites. Recently spotted at a BNP organised demonstration in Hemel Hempstead.

“Heimdall Horde” with his white power Hammerskins T-Shirt

Pictured here with Eddie Stampton, infamous London neo-nazi

Another comprising photo. “Heimdall Horde” doing his bit for Britain

Timmy Hoban, English Volunteer Force, likes his knives

Mick Wittman, Ex-NF and British Movement

Strange that Mick has a profile pic to “remember the D-Day landings” but still feels the need to share this old neo-nazi sticker from his British Movement days!

Kevin Layzell, of Coronation Drive, Elm Park, who ran for the British National Party in Heaton at May’s local election.Was instrumental in setting up a whites only food bank (really, this shit still happening?) for the BNP in Havering earlier this year. Is also a support of the Greek neo-nazi Golden Dawn, who are alledged to be responsible for dozens of murders of immigrants and an anti-fascist rap artist Pavlos Fyssas who was stabbed to death in September 2013.

Above: Pride of England or little shit?

Above: David Kensella, BNP youth organiser in London.

Second from left.Adam Rogers, EDL “footsoldier”. In Middle is loyalist and supporter of terrorist UVF Stevie Thompson.

and there's more ............... but it's making me feel quite sick now looking at all of this. rock   run 
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Demonstration and counter-demonstration on 19th July in Cricklewood

Post by Kitkat on Tue 15 Jul 2014 - 12:07

More on this story:

A far-right organisation is planning to hold a protest outside the headquarters of a major Egyptian political group in Cricklewood on Saturday.

Members of South East Alliance (SEA) are due to demonstrate outside the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which is based in a flat above shops in Cricklewood Broadway.

MB was a praised political group in Egypt but were ousted from power amid popular demonstrations.

They are believed to be launching a fight-back against Egypt’s military rulers from their new home.

SEA have denied speculated links to the English Defence League claiming they are ‘a non-political community based street movement’.

However, their Facebook page is filled with anti-Muslim posts.

Brent and Harrow Unite Against Fascism plan to hold a counter-protest and are calling for people to join their stance against SEA.

A UAF spokeswoman said: “They (SEA) have deliberately called this event on the same day as Unite Against Fascism’s Conference, but UAF will not allow them to disrupt it.

“We are confident that there will be sufficient local opposition to make it clear that there is no room for anti-Muslim, anti-Irish bigots in our community.”

UAF are meeting at 113 Cricklewood Broadway at 11am.

SEA are expected to start demonstrating at noon.

In January, members of far right group Britain First (BF) held a similar demonstration outside MB’s offices with twice as many people protest for UAF simultaneously.

and a comment to that article reads:

The police have stated that the office concerned at 113 Broadway has nothing to do with Muslim Brotherhood so to say they are organising a fightback agains the Egyptian Military Government from a tatty office above a derelict shop in Cricklewood may not be entirely accurate

See how easily things can get distorted in reporting ... how rumours and speculation can get passed around and changed in the passing (even one word wrongly quoted can change the whole meaning of a thing), the wrongly picked up info then gets repeated further - and accepted as fact - without questioning the source.

That address mentioned is not the HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood - that is actually on a different road, and that's not speculation. Possibly that first named address is where the Unite Against Fascism group may have held their meetings - but again, that is just pure speculation. Someone's got it mixed up somewhere along the line anyhow.
(Likewise, in the opening post notification here; the person was saying the demo was to be on the 12th .... when in fact the leaflet from where they themselves had got the info - showed the 19th).  shrug 
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Post by Kitkat on Mon 21 Jul 2014 - 0:49

Another flop for the South East Alliance

Having been humiliated by anti-fascists last month when they turned up in Cricklewood to stage a protest against the Muslim Brotherhood, the South East Alliance came back today for a rematch.
The dozen or so fascists that turned up (I counted 13 of them, although I’m told that at one point the SEA’s ranks swelled to fully 14 “patriots”) were put in a pen on Cricklewood Broadway, some distance away from the Muslim Brotherhood office they were targeting. They were confronted by several hundred counter-demonstrators.
After milling around pointlessly in their pen for a couple of hours, the SEA retreated back to Kilburn tube station under police escort. There were so few of them that they didn’t even get to use the road and their “march” was restricted to the pavement.

The SEA, needless to say, claimed a victory over the left. Even their own supporters weren’t buying that.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Post by Kitkat on Mon 21 Jul 2014 - 0:52


Ultra-right SEA sent packing by united Cricklewood community today

Between 7 to 15  far-right  Islamophobic South East Alliance members attempted to march in Cricklewood today and were met by between 300 and 400 local people standing up for their communiy, including Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt and the prospective parliamentary candidate for Brent Central Dawn Butler.

The counter demonstration was organised by umbrella group North West London United and was supported by hundreds of local residents, trade unionists as well as religious leaders and councillors.
A lively samba band accompanied the anti-racists introducing a note of celebration of Cricklewood's diversity into the event.
VIP Member
VIP Member

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Post by Whiskers on Mon 21 Jul 2014 - 10:06

@Kitkat wrote: A lively samba band accompanied the anti-racists introducing a note of celebration of Cricklewood's diversity into the event.

I like it.  pirat    Well done Cricklewood and North West London.  toast

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