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Leaving the White House

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Leaving the White House

Post by Stardust on 11th January 2017, 15:29

The Obama family is leaving the White House. I wonder what their two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, will think of that.

Be grateful for even the smallest thing, blessings come in many disguises.
Admin Kat
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Re: Leaving the White House

Post by Kitkat on 11th January 2017, 16:14

Oh help! ....  I already went all soppy today watching the extremely emotional video of Obama's farewell ... crybaby  What a lovely man and lovely family ... (can't believe what a soppy eejit that turned me into) ...  Now, with Stardust putting up this link I've discovered that fabulous site, The Dodo - with no end of cute, soppy, heart-wrenching animal videos to get through. Very Happy crybaby pirat

I have now added the site to my Favourites. I love you

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