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The politics of fear

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The politics of fear

Post by Kitkat on Fri 25 Mar 2016, 15:07

As Brendan O'Neill says in this week's 'Spiked' .....

The barbarism in Brussels has revealed the stranglehold of the politics of fear over 21st-century Europe. All sides now play the fear game. Officialdom ratchets up fear about future terrorism, turning terror-threat levels up to 10 and warning us to avoid big public events. Supposedly liberal observers, meanwhile, stoke up fear about an Islamophobic backlash, about Euro-plebs lashing out against their Muslim neighbours. We’re treated as either fragile victims-in-waiting who need authoritarianism to keep us safe, or a racist pogrom-in-waiting who need lectures to keep our vile passions in check. We should reject this elitist fearmongering, and instead carry on with life as normal and stand up for the values of democracy, diversity and freedom. As Ella Whelan and I discuss in this week’s podcast, below, let’s show both the terrorists and the fearmongers that we’re neither scared nor prejudiced.

'After Brussels, let's rise up against the politics of fear'
Both terrorists and officials want us to be scared. Let’s refuse.

Listen to the Spiked podcast:  arrow  HERE

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