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Talking printer!



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Talking printer!

Post by Kitkat on Thu 9 Jun 2011 - 15:48

I've got a few days off work so had the chance to attend to things that I normally don't have the time for. I've been without a printer to my computer at home for some time, ever since the old faithful decided it had enough, did a wobbly and died. Had purchased a new one (this one much less bulky, prints in colour and will print photos, etc) but up till now haven't got around to fixing it up to the computer. Well, I managed to do that this morning ... and just having a fiddle around, I went to try it out by printing off a photograph - and this male voice boomed out PRINTING STARTED! What the ....! Frightened the life outa me! Then when the page had finished (bit slow printing) the same voice very helpfully informs me PRINTING FINISHED!

Now that I've got over the initial shock, I'm actually quite enjoying chatting and playing with my new computer buddy. Basketball
I wonder if he can be trained to make a cup of tea in the time I have to wait now for each page to pump itself out.

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