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My dream holiday .......

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My dream holiday .......

Post by Kitkat on Tue 31 Mar 2015, 15:33

Ah, this is what I would call a dream holiday.   sunny

Not wanting to advertise for the holiday company - but I have to admit they've put together a fabulous combination of destinations here - all in one:

Day one – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Day two – ship at sea

Day three – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Day four and five – Havana, Cuba

Day six – ship at sea

Day seven – Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Day eight – Montego Bay, Jamaica

readmore   in the link HERE.  (Video included in the link)

I've not been to any of the other places, but I have been to Cuba (all over the island) and spent three wonderful, magical days and nights exploring Havana.  Such vivid memories remain of my time there. The video captures the atmosphere to a 'T' - just how I remember it; laid-back, happy people with singing and dancing literally everywhere.  Rhythm is sewn into the very souls of the Cuban people.  One of the highlights of my time there was an unforgettable visit to the Tropicana, shown briefly in the video - but you really cannot capture the magical atmosphere of such a setting on camera ... As with a lot of things - you really do have to experience it to fully appreciate.

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