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Racist attack at a bus stop in Athens, Greece

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Racist attack at a bus stop in Athens, Greece

Post by Kitkat on Fri 20 Mar 2015, 18:40


Social exeriment conducted in Greece by   link   Actionaid

This is a rather basic translation of the Actionaid link (above) - but the message is crystal clear:

We continue. Racism is still here, and we continue our campaign against racism and xenophobia. How? This time we perform for the first time in Greece, a social experiment on the occasion of the World Day Against Racism. What do we do when a man accepts racist attack.

On February 20, we conducted a social experiment in the center of Athens in 2 bus stops (Syngrou Fix), on racism. Two actors, one from Bangladesh and the other from Greece, pretended a scene verbal racist attack. The cameras recorded the true reactions of people waiting for the bus.

In case the actor from Bangladesh sits on the bench of the attitude and the actor from Greece disturbed and verbally aggressive. More than 200 people attended the scene, which was repeated 22 times in 8 hours ahead different every time attendees.

The results say a loud NO to racism: four times the world indifferent, 2 times was proposed for racist behavior, but 15 times the world to stop defending the man who suffered racist attack and once simultaneously observed both reactions. Together, we stronger against racism, let's take all position.

"Racism starts from us and finish us. Everyone and all should stand opposite to racist phenomena and to stand by the people who suffer. In all actions of ActionAid, the defense of human rights is the main pillar of our work. For over 40 years we are in favor of the poorest and marginalized people, people who are discriminated against. We join our voices with them. We could not remain silent in front of the phenomena of racism in our country, "said Malcolm Smart, Director General of ActionAid Hellas

ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all:

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