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Je suis Charlie ...



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Je suis Charlie ...

Post by Kitkat on Fri 13 Feb 2015, 17:59

On Sunday, assorted Muslim organisations gathered in London to demonstrate against the publication of ‘insulting’ cartoons of Muhammad. Their demonstration confirmed that the passions aroused by the Charlie Hebdo affair remain undiminished.

A month later, it is now possible to start assessing the legacy of the Paris killings. The reactions to the Charlie Hebdo massacre brought to the surface some very uncomfortable lessons.

1) Je Suis Charlie, but only some of the time…

2) Sympathy for the victims of the massacre does not extend to solidarity for Charlie Hebdo

3) Republicans and liberals are at a loss as to how to deal with their enemies

4) There are free-speech double standards on both sides

5) The performance of terrorism overwhelms Western societies

6) Giving in to expressions of being offended is a dangerous trap


Following the terrible events in Paris, what is required to fight the enemies of freedom is not a new series of caricatures but a serious, unqualified and genuine commitment to robust and open public debate.

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