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Big Brother

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Big Brother

Post by Kitkat on Tue 26 Aug 2014, 17:24

Anyone following?

I don't usually watch the Celebrity Big Brother tv show, though I do find the non-celebrity ones (the original) interesting viewing.  Even though the commercial side of the programme has snuck in over time, it is still a fascinating psychological experiment.  The psychological analyses and discussions that take place amongst the observing experts can be quite revealing and yes, a lot of fun too.

The Celebrity version, on the other hand (whilst still having an element of the experiment about it) are usually just shallow attempts by forgotten egotistical, empty-headed has-beens to try and get their names back into the media and just a way of cranking up their egos by having people talk about them, never mind what those people might be saying ... I call it the Oscar Syndrome - "The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about" (Oscar Wilde).  I usually look at the launch night for these Celebrity BB's, just to see who is taking part, but then don't bother with any more of the farsical circus.

The current programme though does have a selection of rather likeable (as a group), strong, interesting characters - and I'm finding it quite entertaining and watchable.

I would really like to see Gary win (I love his [largely misunderstood] character) though I don't think he will be the winner; he might just make it to the final - despite what his fellow housemates think of him.  I hope so anyway.

I predict Dee will be the outright winner. (Good luck to her - she deserves to win).  :thumb: (Just going on her participation in this programme.  
I did not watch the Benefits Street programme that she was involved in before this - and know absolutely nothing about her previous to her entry on this programme.
In fact, the only person that I can give any sort of recognition to previous to the programme, is the actor Gary Busey.  Have seen him in a few films, but didn't even know him by name.
All of the others are totally unrecognisable to me.

Kellie should be in the final too.  Actually, might be a tight finish between her and Dee.

Leslie (obnoxious though he is) will most definitely make it to the final.  He is a very funny and thoroughly entertaining character and I think he will be kept in purely for that reason.  I would hate for him to win though, it would be very undeserved.

That George bloke seems to be quite a favourite and liked lots by the viewers.  I really can't think why.  shrug   I just find him terribly annoying - and that Stephanie one that he's proclaiming undying love for (stupid ploy to try and keep in the programme of course) - her agenda is so transparent, you don't even have to use up any energy in coming to any conclusions there.

Prancer James and Hunky Audley are strong characters, as is Dave - the 3 alpha males already know that they have each other to compete with - but that's as far as it goes.  None of them are winning material (in my view).

As for the rest ...  All rather nondescript really ... oh, except for Frenchie of course - not exactly nondescript, but I choose not to even comment on her because it would just be pandying to the desperate Oscar Syndrome that she suffers from.

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