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Coronavirus - 27th June


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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 02:56

Summary for Saturday, 27th June

  • Health experts in the US call for urgent action after a record number of new cases were recorded on Friday
  • Top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci says there is "a serious problem" - but Vice-President Mike Pence hails "progress"
  • The US has more than 2.4 million confirmed infections and at least 125,000 people have died - more than any other country
  • Meanwhile, the number of reported cases in India has surged to more than 500,000
  • Restrictions on some non-essential overseas travel will be relaxed in the UK from 6 July
  • More than 9.8 million cases and 494,000 deaths worldwide - Johns Hopkins University

Welcome to our live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic and thank you for joining us.
We'll be bringing you updates throughout the day. Here's the latest:

  • Health experts in the US are calling for urgent action after a record number of new cases were recorded on Friday. The total of 40,173, given by Johns Hopkins University, surpassed the record set only the previous day
  • The country's infectious disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci said there was a "serious problem". He told a White House briefing the current rises were due to everything from regions "maybe opening a little bit too early" to citizens themselves not following guidance
  • The spike prompted a number of states - namely Texas, Florida and Arizona - to delay their plans to reopen
  • Elsewhere, India reported thousands of new cases over the last 24 hours. It pushed the country’s total above 500,000 and experts warn that hospitals could be overwhelmed
  • In the UK, restrictions on non-essential overseas travel will be relaxed from 6 July . Holidaymakers are expected to be allowed to travel to certain European countries without having to spend 14 days in quarantine when they return

Doctor leaves critical care to applause

A senior doctor has left critical care to applause from colleagues in Stockton, England, after being treated for coronavirus.
Consultant haematologist Maria Szubert said she was "at death's door" when she was admitted to the University Hospital of North Tees at the end of May.

UK to open up European holidays from 6 July

UK holidaymakers are expected to be allowed to travel to certain European countries without having to spend 14 days in quarantine when they return.
Blanket restrictions on non-essential overseas travel will be relaxed in the UK from 6 July, the government has said.
A full list of travel corridors between the UK and other destinations will be published next week.
They are thought to include Spain, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium, Turkey, Germany and Norway - but not Portugal or Sweden, where infections have recently spiked.
A traffic light system will be introduced - with countries classified as green, amber and red depending on the prevalence of coronavirus.
"Our new risk-assessment system will enable us to carefully open a number of safe travel routes around the world - giving people the opportunity for a summer holiday abroad and boosting the UK economy through tourism and business," a government spokeperson said.
"But we will not hesitate to put on the brakes if any risks re-emerge."

A step in the right direction for UK travel

Tom Burridge - Transport correspondent
The UK travel sector has gone to war with the government over its blanket quarantine policy, which previously ordered everyone entering or returning to the UK to self-isolate for 14 days .
So a more nuanced, risk-based approach will quieten the critics to some extent.
But the storm of controversy swirling around this policy won't completely go away.
Portugal, which will probably not be on next week's list of exemptions, feels hard done by.
The country is desperate that UK tourists return.
And although in public health terms the US is not currently close to being on the list, it does potentially present a tricky diplomatic dynamic, given the normally cosy relationship between Washington and London.
And the transatlantic flight market is lucrative too.
This announcement is a step in the right direction for UK aviation but they want testing at airports to also provide another way for passengers to be exempt. So far, in public, the government has said very little about that.

US states pause plans to reopen

More now on the record spike in cases recorded in the US on Friday.
The surge in infections has led some of the country's largest states to reimpose restrictions and pause their plans to reopen.
Texas, Florida and Arizona have all put their reopening plans on ice.
Texas ordered all bars to close, while Florida's governor said he did not intend to move to the next stage of reopening.
Several other states, including California, Nevada and Oklahoma, have set single-day case records this week.
Coronavirus - 27th June D58f1710

Case numbers creep up in Czech Republic

Rob Cameron - BBC Prague Correspondent
The Czech Republic has recorded its highest number of new cases - 168 - since 15 April.
This week saw several daily increases over 100 for the first time in months. The authorities have not commented on the figures yet, but have said previous spikes are localised outbreaks in regions such as North Moravia.
It is unclear whether the numbers will affect an announcement due on whether masks will still be compulsory in confined spaces. The authorities had planned to lift the requirement everywhere from 1 July apart from in areas with localised outbreaks, which have in recent weeks included Prague.
The country has carried out 536,312 tests and recorded 11,038 cases in total. Of these, 3,021 are active, with 125 in hospital, while 7,668 people have recovered and 349 have died.

India passes 500,000 recorded cases

Let's take a look at India, where experts fear a rise in cases could stretch the country's health system to its limit.
The number of recorded cases there has surged to more than 500,000, with 100,000 new infections reported in less than a week.
Health officials say the rate of infection appears to be accelerating, and Friday's tally of more than 18,000 new cases marked a daily record.
The western state of Maharashtra is currently the worst affected area.
Some experts say the government should now prioritise reducing deaths over containing the spread of the virus.
“Our focus should be on preventing deaths and not really getting bogged down because of the numbers. Numbers are going to increase,” Dr Manoj Murhekar, a member of India’s main coronavirus task force, told Reuters news agency.
India imposed a strict lockdown in March, but many of the restrictions were eased earlier this month.

Barnardo's declares fostering 'crisis' during Welsh lockdown

Matt Lloyd, BBC News
The coronavirus pandemic has caused a "crisis" for foster caring in Wales, according to a children's charity.
Barnardo's Cymru has seen a 45% rise in the number of children needing foster care at the same time as a 51% fall in parent inquiries during lockdown.
The double impact has led the charity to declare a "state of emergency".
It believes the pandemic and lockdown has increased pressure on vulnerable families due to job losses and poverty while also affecting mental health.
"The coronavirus pandemic has hit vulnerable families hardest, with many reaching crisis point," said chief executive Javed Khan.
Read more

UK government must tackle social problems, says former PM

Coronavirus - 27th June Ffe59e10

Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major has said the government must "take the lead" in creating policies that deal with existing social problems in the UK.
Sir John said the value of social care had been recognised during the coronavirus pandemic and that the government needed to be involved in supporting its long-term future.
"I think it has been undervalued and I don't think it is possible any longer to undervalue it," he told Radio 4's Today programme.
He also said "ending dependence on food banks was essential", adding, "It is truly shocking that we have food banks in 2020".
The ex-chancellor advised against raising taxes in the short term - as Britain's coronavirus recovery got under way - but concluded that they would have to go up eventually.
"Over time, I think there is little doubt that taxes are going to rise," he said.

US judge orders release of dozens of migrant children

A US federal judge has ordered the release of 124 migrant children held at three family detention centres infected with coronavirus.
Judge Dolly Gee said the centres in the states of Kansas, Pennsylvania and Texas were "on fire" and there was no more time for half-measures.
She ruled that the children must be released by mid-July, into the custody of suitable sponsors. These could include the children’s own detained parents, who could be released with tracking devices, if necessary.
Reports say several thousand migrants held in US detention centres have tested positive for coronavirus.

Liverpool mayor 'angry' as football celebrations cause chaos

Coronavirus - 27th June 88628d10
Liverpool fans let off flares outside the city's Liver Building, causing a small fire

Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson has condemned "a tiny minority" of football fans who "brought Liverpool football club and the city of Liverpool into disrepute" following a second night of celebrations in Liverpool's city centre .
Police and politicians had urged fans to stay at home after Liverpool FC were named Premier League Champions on Thursday - the club's first title win in 30 years.
Mayor Anderson said he was "angry and upset" by scenes of fans who gathered en masse drinking and setting off flares on Friday.
Merseyside Police eventually issued a section 34 dispersal order for the city centre - allowing officers to break up groups of more than two people - until Sunday.
But Anderson said the police should have acted earlier, arguing that it was apparent by yesterday afternoon that a "pre-meditated" gathering was under way.
"Bottom line is, I have serious questions to ask as to why no planning was put in place," he told BBC Radio Merseyside.
He acknowledged it was a "difficult set of circumstances", adding that "drink played a major part" in the chaos.
But he said it was "absolutely clear" that the behaviour seen on Friday was "no longer acceptable".
“I’m expecting Merseyside Police to come down really heavy now. The gloves are off here, it’s about public safety."
"Please, please, celebrate at home and stay safe," he urged fans.
Mersey Police, Liverpool FC, Liverpool County Council issued a joint statement on Saturday morning.
"Our city is still in a public health crisis and this behaviour is wholly unacceptable," it said.
"We need to work together to make sure we don't undo everything that has been achieved as a region during lockdown."

Caring for a riverside community in Brazil

In these pictures, healthcare workers can be seen visiting the riverside community of Pinheiro in northern Brazil.
There are more than 1.2m confirmed cases in the country, according to Johns Hopkins University in the US.
Coronavirus - 27th June 18bf6e10
The healthcare workers visited the community on Friday to check on residents
Coronavirus - 27th June 5dc47810
Here, they can be seen moving a man who tested positive for Covid-19 so he can be transferred to a hospital
Coronavirus - 27th June 15d39b10
Parts of the community are only accessible by small bridges

Surge in holiday bookings expected in UK

Reaction is coming in on the news that blanket restrictions on overseas travel will be relaxed in the UK from 6 July.
Jonathan Smith, from travel agency association ABTA, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the industry expected "a surge in bookings", but he predicted that more travel companies were likely to go bust before a full recovery was felt.
He said people should expect holidays to look different - not just at airports and on aircraft, but in terms of social activities, such as eating out.
Meanwhile, Patricia Payne from tourism agency VisitBritain says public confidence in having a holiday anywhere is low, and the tourist industry needs to show it's safe.
"We've seen a real nervousness about travelling domestically through the summer. We've got a whole new audience, which probably hasn't had a domestic holiday for some years."

The hydroxychloroquine story so far

For months, hydroxychloroquine has been at the centre of much interest as potential preventative measure and for treating patients with Covid-19.
The anti-malarial drug has been promoted by Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro and by his US counterpart Donald Trump who even claims to have taken it himself for a while to ward off infection.
The ongoing interest in the drug has led to shortages and rising prices which directly impacted those taking the drug already for autoimmune conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
While recent large-scale trials have shown that hydroxychloroquine is not effective as a treatment some countries have continued to promote its use within their healthcare systems.
With so many twist and turns, the question is where do we stand now with hydroxychloroquine?

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Several London pubs to stay closed next week despite restrictions being lifted

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 11:57

Several London pubs to stay closed next week despite restrictions being lifted

By Kit Heren -Evening Standard

Several London pubs have turned down the Government's call to reopen next week , citing safety concerns.
Pubs are allowed to welcome back drinkers next Saturday, with Boris Johnson telling Britons it's their "patriotic duty" to visit their local boozer when doors reopen.

Pub chains like Wetherspoons and BrewDog have welcomed the announcement, with 750 Wetherspoons branches set to reopen on July 4.

But several independent pubs, including the Tollington Arms in Holloway and The Gunners on Blackstock Road, have expressed doubts about the safety of reopening.
Coronavirus - 27th June Tollin10
The Tollington Arms (Ewen Munro/Wikimedia Commons)

The Tollington Arms said that it would not reopen because the Government was "ignoring" health advice.

The pub's management said on Twitter: "It’s with a heavy heart that we must announce that we won’t be opening on the 4th of July under the Guidelines which the Government has released this week.

'It’s our belief that the government are ignoring the advice that science is telling us.

"We cannot in good conscience open the pub when contracting a deadly virus is still possible under these Guidelines. By the government’s own admission, on average, 1 in 20 people has this virus .

"We care too much about our staff and our customers to risk rushing back, thus contributing to a second wave of this pandemic. We hope to open our doors in the near future when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, stay safe."

Two other north London pubs managed by the same company as the Tollington Arms will also stay closed on July 4.
Coronavirus - 27th June 25089510
The Gunners pub on Blackstock Road (Ewan Munro/Flickr)

Meanwhile the manager of The Gunners has said that the pub will "probably not" reopen next Saturday.
Una McKernan told the Islington Tribune: “I am of the mentality of humanity over the economy. We are undecided if we will open, probably not. I would rather loyal patrons and friends were virus-free than potentially earn a quick Covid buck.
"And why should we do the Government’s tacking for them? They failed in coming up with a system so now they want pubs to do it for them?
“Pubs are public spaces, just like parks. If you are to legislate and track people’s movements in bars you should have done it in parks when people were buying cheap drinks from supermarkets and trashing the place. There has certainly been little to no social distancing going on in parks in lockdown.”

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 12:04

Peru switches to regional lockdowns

Coronavirus - 27th June 1a73a811
Some Peruvian hospitals have seen oxygen shortages, meaning people have queued to source their own tanks and treat relatives at home

Peru has announced an end to its nationwide lockdown, which has been one of the world's longest and strictest. However, they have said they will keep the restrictions in the worst-affected regions.
Those under 14 or over 65 will remain under stay-at-home orders across the country until 31 July. However, children will be permitted to be outdoors for one hour a day, with an adult, as opposed to the current 30-minute limit.
The region around the capital, Lima, is among the areas that will see restrictions lifted from 1 July, as cases there are falling, according to the government. Seven regions - Arequipa, Ica, Junín, Huánuco, San Martín, Madre de Dios and Áncash - will stay fully locked down.
A nightime curfew will remain across the country and the national state of emergency has been extended until the end of July.
Peru's lockdown measures were introduced on 16 March, before the UK and some other European countries.
However, it has still had difficulty keeping its numbers down. With almost 9,000 registered deaths, Peru has the third highest toll in Latin America, behind Brazil and Mexico.
Read more in our Reality Check explainer here

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 12:58

Tracking the global outbreak

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than nine million confirmed cases in 188 countries. Nearly 500,000 people have lost their lives.
Take a look at our maps and charts tracking the pandemic
Coronavirus - 27th June 2ef58110

Lockdown flypast marks UK's Armed Forces Day

Coronavirus - 27th June 7efceb10
The Hawk jets flew over Scarborough Castle

The Red Arrows have performed a flypast in Scarborough for Armed Forces Day.
The Hawk jets took to the skies above the coastal town in North Yorkshire, which had planned to host an event that was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Read more
Most other Armed Forces Day celebrations have moved online this year, as a result of lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for example, has spoken to serving military personnel via video call. See video here .

US bar owners worried about delay in reopening

More now on the news that some US states have paused plans to reopen after a spike in confirmed cases across the country.
In Texas, the governor ordered all bars to close by midday on Friday. Officials in Florida told bar owners to stop serving alcohol, while restrictions were also reimposed on restaurants in several states.
But the announcements appear to have taken some by surprise.
Mark Martinez, who owns a bar in Texas, told Reuters news agency that he only learned about the measures when some friends texted him.
"I spent thousands of dollars... getting ready [to reopen] this weekend," he said. "I could have really used that for my rent."
Restaurants in Texas will be allowed to stay open, but with scaled-down capacity of 50%, as opposed the 75% they had been permitted recently.
One restaurant owner in Lubbock, Texas, said that further restrictions would hit her business financially.
"Taking us back down to 50% capacity means we won’t have enough business to pay staff, let alone the bills," Tish Keller told Reuters.

Police seek community engagement over street parties in London

Coronavirus - 27th June 665fc710
Objects were thrown at officers as they tried to disperse crowds in Notting Hill on Thursday

Police are committed to "building relationships" with communities after more illegal street parties were held in London, says the Metropolitan Police.
"We're not going to arrest our way out of situations like this," Met Commander Bas Javid told BBC Breakfast.
It comes as officers broke up an event on Harrow Road, Kensal Town, on Friday night. It followed similar events in Notting Hill and Brixton on preceding nights, which saw police injured in clashes with party-goers.
"The first line is engagement and building relationships, and you don't do that by walking into every situation with riot helmets and shields," said Mr Javid.
But he stressed that "if these situations do descend into chaos and violence and disorder... we will take a much more thorough and robust position".

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 13:42

Liverpool FC promises victory parade 'when it's safe'

Liverpool FC has condemned the behaviour of some football fans who gathered in the city to celebrate the Premier League title win as "wholly unacceptable".
In a joint statement with the city council and Merseyside Police, LFC said: "Our city is still in a public health crisis and this behaviour is wholly unacceptable.
"The potential danger of a second peak of Covid-19 still exists and we need to work together to make sure we don't undo everything that has been achieved as a region during lockdown.
"When it is safe to do so, we will all work together to arrange a victory parade when everyone can come together to celebrate."
Read more

Scottish ministers disappointed over lack of travel talks

As we've reported earlier today, the UK government has said blanket restrictions on travel to some European countries will be relaxed from 6 July.
But it's caused annoyance for some in the Scottish government, who say they had expected talks involving Welsh, Northern Irish and UK ministers first.
"Scottish ministers have long argued for UK-wide public health measures relating to international travel as part of the wider response to this pandemic - to protect people and ensure that we limit the introduction of new chains of transmission of the virus when our own infection rates are falling," a spokesman said.
"This is a matter for Scottish ministers - who have not yet taken a final decision."
He added that it was "disappointing" that four-nation discussions about the move haven't taken place.

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty MORE THAN twenty per cent of Irish people say they're very uncomfortable' with the prospect of returning to pubs next week

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 14:46

MORE THAN twenty per cent of Irish people say they're very uncomfortable' with the prospect of returning to pubs once they begin to reopen next week.

BY: Harry Brent - Irish Post
June 26, 2020

The country will begin its transition into Phase Three on Monday with the government looking to reopen a number of businesses and services again in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
While many of us are understandably keen to get back to the bars, a survey by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates that a significant number of us are less excited by the prospect.
21.3% of those surveyed said they'd be 'very uncomfortable' to return to a pub so soon, and that figure rises to almost 40% if social distancing was reduced from two metres to one.
There's less concern however with the prospect of going to a restaurant, with just 12.9% of those surveyed saying they would feel 'very uncomfortable' visiting one with the two metre social distancing rule in place.
This figure rises to 28.7% with a one metre social distancing rule.
Pubs in Ireland will be allowed to reopen on Monday, but only if they can offer a 'restaurant-style' service and can provide customers with a 'substantial meal'. Pubs who don't offer this will remain closed until July 20 at the very least when Phase Four is due to begin.
During Phase Four, indoor gatherings of up to 100 people will also be permitted.

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 14:50

US judge releases migrant children over virus fears

In the US, a federal judge has ordered 124 migrant children to be released from family immigration detention centres that are infected with the virus.
The three centres are in Kansas, Pennsylvania and Texas.
“The [facilities] are ‘on fire’ and there is no more time for half measures,” Judge Dolly Gee wrote.
She ruled that the children must be released by mid-July and placed into the custody of suitable sponsors. These could include the children’s own detained parents, who could be released with tracking devices if necessary.
Hundreds of people detained in immigration centres have tested positive for Covid-19, according to US media.

What's happening in the UK?

If you're just joining us, here's a quick summary of what's been going on in the UK so far today.

Egypt eases lockdown despite rising cases

Egypt is allowing places of worship to reopen from today and lifting a night-time curfew, which has been in force since 25 March.
Gyms, theatres and cafes are also permitted to reopen, albeit with limited capacity, but the easing of restrictions comes as the rate of infections is still rising.
The country has recorded 62,755 Covid-19 infections and 2,620 associated deaths. However, as in other countries, the true numbers are believed to be higher due to limited testing.
Announcing the easing of measures earlier this week, PM Mostafa Madbouly reiterated the government’s message that fighting the outbreak would have to take place alongside efforts to protect the economy.
He said the lifting of restrictions could be reversed if people did not follow the rules still in place.

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 17:56

No coronavirus patients in intensive care in N Ireland

Northern Ireland has recorded one further Covid-19-related death since Friday.
There are now no coronavirus patients remaining in intensive care in Northern Ireland; 21 patients with the virus are still in hospital. There have now been 549 deaths in total.
Elsewhere in the UK, Scotland recorded no new deaths, for a second consecutive day. It means the number of deaths in Scotland, of people who tested positive for coronavirus, remains at 2,842.
Public Health Wales has reported five deaths from coronavirus in the past 24 hours. It brings the total number of deaths in Wales, who tested positive for coronavirus, to 1,502.
And in England, a further 78 people, who tested positive for coronavirus, have died in hospital - bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals to 28,635.
The total number of deaths in the four nations differs from the UK total, due to be released shortly by the Department for Health, as different methods are used to record the figures.

Travel firm bookings 'explode' as restrictions ease

A Eurotunnel boss says phones have been "ringing off the hook" after the news UK holidaymakers are expected to be allowed to travel to some European countries without having to go into quarantine when they return .
John Keefe, director of public affairs at Eurotunnel, says bookings "exploded" when the news came out last night.
Eurotunnel's maximum service of four departures an hour at peak times will resume from 6 July, he adds.
"The servers have been really busy with people making bookings for the summer. But actually we started to see an increase in bookings from about three weeks ago. People almost started to discount the quarantine measures for the summer from an early stage," he says.
Travel firm TUI says the easing of restrictions is a "hugely positive step forward" for the industry.
"Our customers will be ecstatic that their summer is saved," says Andrew Flintham, managing director at TUI for the UK and Ireland.
Like Eurotunnel, TUI reports a surge in bookings - it says they've increased 50% on last week, with Spain and Greece looking like the most popular summer holiday destinations.

Famous faces take part in online summit

Coronavirus - 27th June A80c4e10
Coldplay are joining the concert

Political leaders and celebrities from around the world are taking part in a global online coronavirus summit.
It’s part of the ongoing effort to raise money to develop affordable vaccines, tests and treatments for the virus.
Speakers include the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are also set to speak at the event.
It will be followed by a concert that will feature performances from the likes of Coldplay, Justin Bieber and Shakira.
You can tune in here

Drinkers at large illegal gathering dispersed by Cardiff police

Coronavirus - 27th June C9cd6b10
The group in Cardiff was dispersed and no arrests were made, police said

More news now on the string of illegal parties that have taken place recently in the UK.
Police say they broke up an illegal gathering in Cardiff Bay just after midnight on Friday, following reports of anti-social behaviour involving a large number of people drinking alcohol.
The group was dispersed and no arrests were made, South Wales Police said .
It follows several illegal parties in London - where police have been injured in clashes with revellers - while Liverpool's mayor says people are bringing the city into disrepute by continuing to take part in mass celebrations following Liverpool FC's Premier League win .
Under coronavirus lockdown rules in Wales any number of people from two households can meet up, while in England up to six people can gather from different households. Read our explainer on the rules here

EU pledges nearly €5bn to help vulnerable countries

An update now on the online coronavirus summit. The head of the European Commmission, Ursula von der Leyen, who is co-hosting the event, pledged a further €4.9bn ($5.5bn) from the EU to help vulnerable countries finance their recovery from the pandemic.
She said that what was needed was a multilateralist approach to the development and distribution of vaccines:
"To think that you can beat this virus by vaccinating only your own people while neglecting the others is just plain wrong. I mean we live in a very connected world.
"No country will be able to go back to normal while others are still fighting the virus. So first we need a vaccine, then we need to make this vaccine affordable and for that I'm trying to convince high-income countries to reserve vaccines not only for themselves but also for low- and middle-income countries and this is what our campaign, Global Goal Unite For our Future, is all about."

UK announces 100 further coronavirus deaths

Latest figures show 100 people, who tested positive, have died from coronavirus across the UK in the past 24 hours.
It brings the total number of UK deaths from Covid-19, across all settings, to 43,514.

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 18:07

Rallies replace virus-hit Pride parades

Rallies are taking place around the world this weekend to replace hundreds of Pride marches that have been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.
In London, former members of the 1970s activist group Gay Liberation Front marked its 50th anniversary by walking the same route as the city's cancelled Pride parade.
Coronavirus - 27th June F5539d10
Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell - who helped organise Britain's first Pride march in 1972 - led the march through London

Thousands took part in an anti-homophobia rally in Berlin after the annual Pride parade was cancelled. Those taking part observed coronavirus restrictions, police said, wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing.
Coronavirus - 27th June B7abe410
The theme of the march in Berlin was Save Our Pride, Save Our Community


  • New York: Thousands of people are expected to attend a Queer Liberation March on Sunday organised by the Reclaim Pride Coalition
  • Taiwan: A small rally is planned for Sunday to show solidarity with LGBT+ communities still living under lockdown. Taiwan hosts East Asia's largest Pride march every October

Boris Johnson: Vaccine will be 'triumph for all humanity'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has addressed the Unite for Our Future event - a global online summit designed to raise money to develop affordable vaccines, tests and treatments for coronavirus.
He praised efforts around the world to fight back against coronavirus, but said more needed to be done.
"In great swathes of the world, home to billions of people, the disease is still accelerating, so the race for a vaccine, for better treatments, for quick and reliable tests - that race must go on."
Mr Johnson spoke of British scientists' "lifesaving breakthrough on dexamethasone treatment" and the work on vaccines being done by researchers at the University of Oxford and Imperial College London.
But he stressed that wherever an effective vaccine was eventually found, world leaders had "a moral duty" to ensure it is available to all.
"Defeating [the pandemic] is the most important shared endeavour of our times. And when we do so, it will not be a victory for one nation, but a triumph for all humanity."

Three dead in US after drinking hand sanitiser

Coronavirus - 27th June 28c7f110
Hand sanitiser can be highly toxic if ingested

Three people have died from methanol poisoning in the US state of New Mexico after drinking hand sanitiser, health officials say.
A further three people are in a critical condition and another has been left permanently blind.
A spokesman for the state's health department said the cases were related to alcoholism. Hand sanitiser has a high alcohol content and can be toxic if ingested.
It comes shortly after the US Food and Drug Administration warned against buying nine sanitiser products manufactured in Mexico because they contain methanol.

Sturgeon's tartan face mask to help the homeless

Nicola Sturgeon says the face covering she wears to help prevent the spread of coronavirus is made of "homeless tartan" to support homeless charities.
Scotland's first minister was pictured in the mask during a visit to a New Look store in Edinburgh yesterday.
She visited the shop to see how staff were implementing social distancing, ahead of non-essential shops in Scotland reopening from 29 June.
In Scotland, it is compulsory to wear face coverings on all public transport.
Coronavirus - 27th June Ebgws510

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Coronavirus - 27th June Empty Re: Coronavirus - 27th June

Post by Kitkat on Sat Jun 27 2020, 18:11

Why can't some businesses reopen in England yet?

Francesca Gillett - BBC News
Pubs but not clubs, hairdressers but not nail salons. The planned changes to England's coronavirus lockdown on 4 July have left many businesses questioning why they can't reopen yet but others can.
The government hasn't spelt out exactly how it made its decisions.
From outdoor gyms v indoor gyms, to cinemas v theatres, here are some possible reasons to keep some businesses shut and others open.


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