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'Critical' stray cat attracts global support


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'Critical' stray cat attracts global support Empty 'Critical' stray cat attracts global support

Post by Kitkat on Sat Dec 07 2019, 13:52

An appeal for a seriously ill cat which was left abandoned has attracted funds from as far as the United States.
'Critical' stray cat attracts global support _110012950_maximus2
Maximus has a condition which makes it harder for him to fight infections

Maximus, who is about 12, was rescued by Stray Cat Rescue Team West Midlands after spending a decade on the streets.

He was picked up in Great Barr, Sandwell, last week with FIV - an immunodeficiency virus similar to HIV - and claws so long he could not walk.

Rescue Team founder Lucy Strickland said people from as far afield as Texas have sent donations for his care.

"Even if he only has a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, of happiness, we've done our job," she said, as the fundraising total reached more than £6,000.

'Critical' stray cat attracts global support _110012948_maximus
The stray is "showing he's grateful" for the care and is "very nosy", Ms Strickland said

Maximus was severely dehydrated and underweight when he was brought in, and had "no trust in humans".

"He would hiss and spit," Ms Strickland said. "He was terrified."

A week on, he has realised "not all humans are bad," she said.

"When he hears you, he starts purring."

'Critical' stray cat attracts global support _110012952_maximus3
He had been a stray for 10 years and had suffered "a lot of neglect"

Ms Strickland said Maximus' condition is "a challenge", but her team of volunteers remain hopeful he will recover, thanks to huge support the cat has received.

"We've had more applications [to foster] him than any other cat," Ms Strickland said.

"He's touched quite a few people."

'Critical' stray cat attracts global support _110019314_maximus5
Although initially "terrified" of humans, Maximus now purrs when he is around people

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