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Grow your own carrots - and they will take care of your heart

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Grow your own carrots - and they will take care of your heart

Post by Kitkat on Fri 17 Aug 2018, 16:48

But make sure you wash them properly before eating!

A gold ring that was lost in a vegetable garden 12 years ago has been found on a carrot dug up for dinner.

Lin Keitch, 69, from Monkton Heathfield near Taunton, Somerset, noticed it while washing her home-grown

It had been a 40th birthday present from her husband Dave, and was lost by their daughter.

The couple believe the carrot grew through the ring. Ms Keitch said it was a "chance in a million" discovery.

"Dave dug up the carrots and left them outside the back door," she said.
"I cut the greens off and scrubbed them, and I thought, 'What's that? Goodness, it's my ring'."
She said even though the ring, with an amethyst stone in the centre, was covered in earth she recognised it immediately.

"Dave had bought it for me for my 40th birthday, but when it got too small for me I gave it to our daughter.
"She lost it up the garden - it must be at least 12 years ago. I thought I'd never see it again.
"I'm amazed the carrot grew through it."

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