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A blink's as good as a smile


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A blink's as good as a smile Empty A blink's as good as a smile

Post by Kitkat on Tue Mar 27 2018, 21:08

(Found in a past issue of Psychic News):
Author - Billy Roberts

for our four-legged dynamos who are natural healers, says BILLY ROBERTS

CATS HAVE been revered as “special’ for millennia. In ancient Egypt they were regarded almost as deities and in some cases worshipped as such.

The Elizabethans, on the other hand, held cats in high regard for reasons that today’s cat lovers would find cruel and quite repulsive. Apothecaries in that era believed that cat fur contained certain properties that eased the pain of gout and many other painful and inflammatory conditions.

The four-poster beds in the homes of the more opulent Elizabethans would be draped with cat fur in the cold winter months, not just for the warmth, but for the healing properties they believed were contained in the feline fur. 

Belief that cats could heal all kinds of maladies of body, mind and spirit led to various and sometimes extreme atrocities. For example, blood would be extracted from the cat’s ears and mixed with an infusion of vinegar, honey and selected herbs, and then administered by mouth to a patient suffering from shingles or other conditions of the nervous system.

Although such repulsive practices were extremely popular throughout the Elizabethan period, from a metaphysical perspective there is some truth in the healing properties of cats.

For one thing, a cat will always gravitate towards its owner whenever he or she is feeling under the weather or out of sorts. Cats and dogs have the unusual ability to monitor molecular changes in the subtle atmosphere, allowing them to know when their owner is in need of some attention.

Using the same neurological monitoring system, cats can detect the onset of a volcanic eruption, up to 24 hours before it actually occurs, which is why many of the homes located in volcanic areas keep cats as pets.

Cats are extremely unusual creatures, which is why a witch in olden times was nearly always accompanied by her “familiar” – an extremely perceptive, usually black feline, who was frequently used to deliver a curse or blessing, or whatever was needed, to a selected individual. 

From an esoteric or metaphysical perspective, cats have extremely acute and accurate senses, with a range that extends far beyond those of humans. It has also been discovered that cats possess an extraordinary neurological navigational organ that allows them to find their way home from great distances. They are believed to navigate their route home via the position of the sun or moon combined, maybe, with an accurate sense of their owner’s location.

As any true cat lover will affirm, cats are amazing creatures who really do make a house a home. They are extremely independent and will allow only their owners to invade their space when they feel the time is right for them..............


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