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Blogthings: what forest animal are you?

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Blogthings: what forest animal are you?

Post by Stardust on Wed 21 Mar 2018, 09:42

What Forest Animal Are You?

You are a deer:

You are trusting of yourself and others. You give people the benefit of the doubt.
You are grateful for this life you've been given. You feel blessed for what you have.
You see the world through the eyes of a child. You are rarely cynical or jaded.
You are unselfconscious and totally natural in your behavior. You are free-spirited.

Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Here's another good one:

Be grateful for even the smallest thing, blessings come in many disguises.
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Re: Blogthings: what forest animal are you?

Post by Kitkat on Wed 21 Mar 2018, 09:48

I've done this one before, some time ago, and my forest animal came out as a tiger, a Bengal tiger IIRC.
It'll be interesting to see if it comes out the same this time (e.g. would I now answer some questions differently ...).  Going to give it a go now.

ETA:  Done it.  I got the same as you, Stardust. Smile
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Re: Blogthings: what forest animal are you?

Post by Whiskers on Wed 21 Mar 2018, 16:40

I am a Deer too. giggle

What a lovely pack of deers we are.  We'll have a whole herd here soon.

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