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Is there a Cathy in the place?

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Is there a Cathy in the place?

Post by Kitkat on Thu 01 Feb 2018, 19:17

How coincidentally weird is this:

At the hairdressers today; just four customers.  A little bit confusing for everyone there, as it turned out every one of the customers there were called Cathy!  All four of us! 

Then two women came in the door and the younger one came up to speak to the hairdresser that was doing my hair - said that they didn't have an appointment, but would they be able to fit her elderly mum in today and asked how long she would be as she was going off to do some shopping and would come back to collect her mum when ready.  She added that her mum was rather hard of hearing so they would need to speak up (no problem there .... the conversations are always pretty lively and loud in there cheesy ).  Oh, and yes ... the mum's name was ... Kate!

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