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Psychics didn't foresee THAT coming!

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Psychics didn't foresee THAT coming!

Post by Kitkat on Thu 14 Sep 2017, 19:55

This 'psychic' couldn't see the car crash in his immediate future
June 16, 2017

A lunch between two psychics at a Canadian restaurant was interrupted when a car driven by an elderly woman crashed into the restaurant.

This is the moment two psychics didn't see coming as a car ploughed dramatically through a restaurant while they were eating lunch.  

Blair Robertson, from Arizona, USA, was thrown in the air and pinned against the wall when a white sports car crashed through the window.

'I didn't foresee it happening,' Mr Robertson told a local news source. 'It basically sounded like a bomb going off.'

It breaks through the large glass pane as Mr Robertson is left pinned up against the wall while his colleague is trapped between furniture.

Other people in the video appear confused and shaken by the incident, as someone rushes around to call the emergency services.

Mr Robertson suffered an injured left rib, swollen leg, bruises all over his body and whiplash.

Robertson said his leg was 'in the shape of an L' when he was struck and the car pinned his leg. He was surprised his limb 'wasn't snapped off.'

Speaking to his local newspaper The Arizona Republic, he said: 'I see my table flying up. My friend disappears behind the table. Next thing you know I'm flying in the air and then I land, Robertson said. 'The car grabbed my leg and pulled me back down. It pinned my leg under the car in a very weird position.'

The driver of the car, an 85-year-old woman, was not injured in the crash nor was she impaired, the Toronto Star reports. Because she wasn't impaired, no charges were given.

The Arizona psychic is continuing to recover and is just happy to be alive.

Posting online he said there must have been 'angels' there.
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Re: Psychics didn't foresee THAT coming!

Post by Stardust on Fri 15 Sep 2017, 17:22

I guess they won't be sitting at a table by the window again any time soon then.

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Re: Psychics didn't foresee THAT coming!

Post by mac on Sat 16 Sep 2017, 15:14

A cautionary tale for us all.

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