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Post by Stardust on 19th June 2015, 13:53

Ramadan started yesterday, just for those who might be interested, long days with no food or drink. But the spirit soars and the body is cleansed.
Muslims are not all terrorists, far from it, that's just a fanatic minority who are not true followers of the Muslim faith.
Me, I'm outside all religions and embrace all faiths.

Be grateful for even the smallest thing, blessings come in many disguises.
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Re: Ramadan

Post by Kitkat on 26th June 2015, 00:24

I remember the year I worked during Ramadan in Libya.  The worst part was the spitting!  Everywhere! facepalm

And having to get in a lift with 5 or 6 unshaven, tired, miserable, cranky, stinky, smelly-breathed Ramadan doers ....
Unshaven, stinky and smelly-breathed - because of course they not allowed to wash or shave, miserable and cranky cos no cigarettes or hanky panky allowed for a whole month ... and SPITTING because not even allowed to swallow the saliva in their mouths, so that had to be spat out - or flushed through the nose. No brushing teeth cos they might accidently swallow some water or toothpaste.  UGGGGGH!!!!  Can you imagine being in a packed lift for the duration of 5 floors of that first thing in the morning.   hanged

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