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Hey All,

I need to stop doing this, logging off then not logging on in months, naughty me!!!

Thie past 12 months have been insane!

Sales been picking up and now making fun novelty items for charity! Website also had a revamp.

I got a job, and got verbally...

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Been to the doctor this morning as the pain has been so unbearable the past few days, and I have explained what my symptoms have been like and what I've been doing trying to relieve some pain by taking pills and deep heat cream.  Along with feeling low, anxious and depressed.

She has prescribed me some  Mefenamic Acid tablets to help with the pain, in two minds though as the side effects are freaking me out, going to get the husband to take a look when he gets home beforehand, since I've never taken these before!

The GP wants me to see another doctor that specialises in Women's...

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It's been a funny old few weeks, while finishing off a baby blanket for my great niece! God I feel old now! My husband's nephew's fiancée is due in July! So once I found out she was having a little girl, I decided to make a baby blanket for her.

I'm so over the moon that they she loves it! And I even had some spare yarn left over to make a baby dress too!

I have shared the photos of the blanket below for you to take a look at.

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No new postsHappy Birthday
Birthday  to OreoCat sunny .  Have a great day!

OREOCAT85 Birthday_oreo-8333 OREOCAT85 Il_340x270.1588211524_ece9

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Well this time last week, I was looking for my second set of Crochet Hooks (Which I still ain't found, which I'm gutted as it was a set I got off my Brother in Law for my Birthday, for my 30th - Most likely put them somewhere safe!, 9 times out of 10, too safe!)....I started looking through my patterns and my HUGE yarn stash! The husband suggested I started whipping up small crochet items (ones that don't take too long to make!) and start attending local car boot sales, craft fairs and selling online etc.  Then when I explained this to my good friend (a knitter!) she was like why don't you attend...

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I thought you might like to see some photos of me and my family!

There is me, Nikki, 31 (nearly 32 eek!!) and Al, 36 and then you have the children, Imogen (9), Andrew (who is 7, but is 8 on the 8th Sept) and Jayden-Kye (5)

These are some recent photos of us that I took over the Bank Holiday Weekend!

OREOCAT85 21034710

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I taught myself to crochet back in Summer of 2012 and Crocheted on and off till August 2015 when I took out a magazine subscription called The Art of Crochet (That's another post in itself!) and started to make other things too.

My neighbour found this Skull Blanket on Facebook and asked me if I would try and attempt it! So I took a look at how to make the skulls etc and this is what I came up with, she loves it, what do you think?

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My Endometriosis diagnosis came on 27th August 2015 (So nearly a year in already!) Previous to my diagnosis my periods had been regular, painful as to be expected (before childbirth) however after my first born in May 2008 my periods got heavier, I put it down to having a child (I was none the wiser!) then I went onto have my second (Sept 2009)and they got heavier and a lot more painful at the time I put it to the back of my mind, as I'd fled domestic violence in the March 2009 from my two eldest kids father, I was under so much stress and I just as the first child put it to the back of my mind....

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Thank you KitKat for resetting my password, I couldn't for the love of me remember it, so much has happened over the past few months!  Obviously I will definitely post about it, but am I posting about it here or the new site?

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Ok I had no idea it had been so long since I logged into here, so I do apologise for my lack of contribution to the forum over the past however months it's been since I last logged in.
How has everyone been?
I thought I'd start a thread for each thing I wanted to chat about, instead of boring you all with a massive post! lol
So feel free to find the links below (that and I can then contribute to the forum a little better, since I've been missing action lately!)
Astigmatism Anyone?

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Well my middle child has been wanting to do something after school, something he can call his own.  Something to do away from the other two kids.
Also the fact he's getting bullied at school, so I thought what would be better to do for him, but stick him into Boxing, something that will teach him respect, but also toughen him up, in order to stand on his own two feet when the bullies bring him down right?  Now that I'm telling it's ok to fight outside the ring and his coach has stated that if he boxes outside in the streets / in school he will kick him out the club.

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I would love some feedback if possible!

I was in the hairdressers on Saturday getting my hair and nails done for my birthday yesterday! When I was talking to the beautician about wanting to go back to work, but would still like to work from home if possible, she asked if I had a hobby I could turn into a small business of something, she suggested I do a post on my facebook wall, my personal account of a recent project and say that I was looking to start selling things that I make. This is something that I enjoy, the crocheting that is. I can crochet beanies, flower bouquets, scarfs,...

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Walking upto the school minding my own business listening to music on Friday! Then this woman (another parent) starts shouting at me aggressively, I takes my head phones out and acknowledge her to be told viciously that I had no f*cking right telling my daughter to stay clear of her twins, and that I had no right talking about them in arts and crafts! First of all I was like wtf, how would she know about that, yet one of the parents from the school was there, who when I think about it, only came to tell me that my imogen had been bullying her Katie, then when I pulled Imogen about it, Imogen was...

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This will be the only place that I will talk about my children's names and ages! That way I know it's kept private!

There is a reason behind this, which will be in another post when I have more time on my hands, running out of time to post all about it! Will post about that tomorrow!

These are my children:

From Left to Right:

Andrew, Jayden-Kye and Imogen Smile

Andrew (8th September 2009)
Jayden-Kye (14th October 2011)
Imogen (3rd May 2008)


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I do apologise but I'm going to have to dash it's now Thursday, 6 October 2016 2:45:19 PM and I've gotta go and get my children from school, they come out at 3.05pm and then have arts and crafts to take them too!

Will log on tonight!

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Well I got to see my favourite band at the end of September and it was a brilliant night!

I had a lovely time with the husband and the nephew, the band are very good live, infact even better than I had thought!

People need to check them out

I was having a lovely time until I had passed out with the heat, luckily I was with my husband and nephew, although good job there was other people around because apparently I'm a heavy...

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I love it here, but I am only going to post in this board, I feel more comfortable knowing that ONLY members can see these posts! I will reply to other threads in other boards but when chatting about personal stuff it will be in here.

Had a bad experience with posting stuff on a site in the past, where not realising that non users and search engines could find things

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I have recently joined a craft club where I take my crochet along to and sit with other ladies and crochet/knit (even though I'm th youngest there, I'm 30 and there all in their 60s and 70s) but they are a wonderful bunch of ladies.

One of them had even knitted me a Pink Hedgehog!

I would attach a photo but for some reason I can't!

So feel free to Add me on Instagram if you like!

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I apologise for not being on last week at all,

The husband had arrange a friend come up and stay with me for the week to give me a hand with the kids with my Endo flaring up! It was great to have someone up while he was here but once he was at work but when he wasn't it was like I was babysitting a 29 year old kid!

Personally felt like she was treating the place like a hotel, yes she helped clean up and tidy but little things were bugging me, when she went home I felt relieved!  God that makes me feel awful but that's how I was feeling.

On a lighter note the kids...

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