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This is Meningitis - be aware

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This is Meningitis - be aware

Post by Kitkat on 21st February 2016, 11:02

This is meningitis: the shocking image urging parents to sign an important petition

Image Facebook Charlene Reed
Faye Burdett - 2 years old, from Maidstone, Kent - died on Sunday, 11 days after contracting meningitis.
Her story - and the disturbing images of her dying in her hospital bed - have been shared by her family and friends in an plea urging parents to sign a petition calling for all babies to receive the meningitis B, not just newborn babies.

The Facebook post from family friend Charlene Reed, tells Faye's story:

What are the signs and symptoms of meningitis in children?

A baby or young child with meningitis may:

  • have a high fever, with cold hands and feet
  • vomit and refuse to feed
  • feel agitated and not want to be picked up
  • become drowsy, floppy and unresponsive
  • grunt or breathe rapidly
  • have an unusual high-pitched or moaning cry
  • have pale, blotchy skin, and a red rash that doesn't fade when a glass is rolled over it (see below)
  • have a tense, bulging soft spot on their head (fontanelle)
  • have a stiff neck and dislike bright lights
  • have convulsions or seizures

The above symptoms can appear in any order, and some may not appear at all.
The rash can be harder to see on dark skin, in which case check for spots on paler areas like the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, on the tummy, inside the eyelids and on the roof of the mouth.
However, don't wait for a rash to develop. If your child is unwell and getting worse, seek medical help immediately.
Source: NHS Choices

Your meningitis symptoms card

Click on the card below to view a printable card detailing the common signs of meningitis and septicaemia  (courtesy of The Meningitis Trust):


The above is from the Netmums site:

and you can sign the Petition here:

Give the Meningitis B vaccine to ALL children, not just newborn babies.
All children are at risk from this terrible infection, yet the Government plan to only vaccinate 2-5 month olds. There needs to be a rollout programme to vaccinate all children, at least up to age 11. Meningococcal infections can be very serious, causing MENINGITIS, SEPTICAEMIA & DEATH.
Admin Kat
Admin Kat

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Re: This is Meningitis - be aware

Post by Kitkat on 21st February 2016, 11:05


Charlene Reed
on Tuesday
This is Faye and This is Meningitis.
As youre aware, ive had a pretty shit weekend with news, some of that news being that beautiful 2 year old Faye couldnt fight any longer and died on Sunday 14th February 2016. Having known Faye's mum Jenny since school through my best friend Emma, i knew that she was a tough bird, but i didnt know just how tough, strong and brave she is until now. Faye fought for a whopping 2 weeks with meningitis and at times, we really thought she would come through so to receive the news on monday morning was not only heartbreaking but shocking.
"Faye, and her so very brave mum has given permission to share this photo to raise awareness. No it's not nice but it's reality, and it's what this disease did to Faye which made her sadly lose her life on Sunday.
Please sign and share the petition on my profile - We are trying to get parliament to reconsider charging us hundreds of pounds each to protect our children from this. In Faye's legacy we will fight to raise awareness. "
Jen & Neils words :
Faye was taken to A&E with a rash on her forehead, she was then transferred by south bank retrieval service to Evelina children's hospital where her heart stopped in the ambulance, they revived her and spent hours working on stabilising her, we were given a 1% survival rate but she proved them wrong and carried on fighting, after a few days she seemed to have turned a corner but the the sepsis started to effect her more & the decision of limb removal was made, but the extent of removal was massive, full leg amputation and one arm and plastic surgery, but she was getting tired, her little body consumed by meningitis and sepsis (blood poisoning) we had to make the decision, a massive operation and she may die or we let her go peacefully on her own accord, we decided the latter & then watched our little girl slip away & at 9pm February 14th she finally fell asleep forever. All this in only 11days.
Play forever in peace Faye
(02.12.13 - 14.02.16)
Petition link :
The vaccination in question has a total cost of £450 per child, i myself (charlene) am a mother of twins who could never afford something at that cost - its saddening that our lives and the lives of our children depend on the cost of something that would save someone. This petition is so important. Please make sure you sign it and your signature doesnt count until you verify it with en email they send you at your email address.
Meningitis symptoms:
UPDATE : we are well over the 100,000 signatures and we've managed to crash the meningitis website ! Please keep sharing and signing.
Jen & Neil have requested that any donations go to Evelina Children's Hospital in London and the following page has been set up for your kind donations in Faye's memory.
Or Text - JNFB 99 to 70070 to donate £5
Many Thanks
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Just can't stay away

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Re: This is Meningitis - be aware

Post by Curious on 21st February 2016, 21:15

I hope all those who are able to sign this petition do so.
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Re: This is Meningitis - be aware

Post by Whiskers on 2nd March 2016, 16:19

That poor little mite and her poor parents. I have signed the petition.
Why only if you are based in the UK can you sign? Is it because in other countries they already give the vaccine to all children?

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