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Search for the good samaritan



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Search for the good samaritan

Post by Kitkat on Sun 14 Feb 2016 - 10:10

From my local Streetlife:

"This is part of an email from Carl Drake who runs The Regents' Park Dog Watch Scheme.

BBC Radio 4 has been in touch as they are following up a story which was reported to them by a dog walker. I have copied the story as recounted to them."

We have been contacted by a lady who was walking her dog in Regents park near the junction of Prince Albert Road and Charlbert Street on New Year’s Day. An elderly gentleman, who she suspects may have had Parkinson’s, wished her a happy new year and then walked off towards the cars on Prince Albert Road. She saw him putting something on the windscreens of cars and thought nothing of it. When she returned to her car she found a £10 note on the windscreen and the same on at least 20 other cars parked on the road.

She contacted our programme because she is desperate to find out more about this man – she says it was a huge random act of kindness and would like to share it, but she doesn’t know who he was, or anyone else who had the money left on their car.

So, if you know of this gentleman or found a £10 note on your car on New Year's day please get in touch with Mary Sanders who has been copied into this email mary.sanders@bbc.co.uk

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