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Email notifications about new topics and replies to posts on the Forum



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Email notifications about new topics and replies to posts on the Forum

Post by Kitkat on Sun 18 Oct 2015, 17:59

Don't forget you can arrange to have instant notifications by email when a new post is made on the forum - IF you have requested this in your Profile.

You will only get notifications about a reply made to a topic - IF it is a topic you have selected to watch.

How do you select a topic to watch?

In the top right-hand corner of the opening post of each topic you will find 2 boxes - one says Share (in red) and the other says Actions (also in red).

If you click the Actions box you get a drop-down menu list displaying the various actions that YOU can make happen with posts and topics.

The list is as follows:


View posts since last visit
View your posts
View unanswered posts
Topic(s) being watched

Stop watching this topic
Add to your favourites
Copy BBCode URL
Print this page

If the list says 'Stop watching this topic' - that means that you are already 'watching the topic' and should get notifications in your email if you have requested this in your Profile.

If it says 'Watch this topic', then that is an invitation for you to click into that 'action' and immediately that topic will be added to your 'watched topic' list.

There is another, quicker and overall way to do this also - where you can request to watch every topic in a forum section:  For example, if you wanted to make sure you get instant notifications about new topics or replies to any existing topics inside the 'GENERAL CHIT-CHAT & DISCUSSION AREA' forum - just click into 'GENERAL CHIT-CHAT & DISCUSSION AREA' on the main index list (in HOME) and you will see - again top right of the forum - a box saying 'Forum options'.  Click into that box and it lists 2 things:  
'Mark all topics read'
'Start watching forum'

(If you are already watching that forum the second one will say 'Stop watching this forum')

If you haven't already done so, and you want to have instant notifications sent to your email of any new topics or replies to any posts in 'GENERAL CHIT-CHAT & DISCUSSION AREA' section of the forum - click 'Start watching forum'.
You need to do the same thing individually in each of the forums on the board, e.g. click into 'INFORMATION & HELP DESK' on the main Index (HOME) and do the same thing as you have done for the 'GENERAL CHIT-CHAT & DISCUSSION AREA' forum, and so on for all the rest.

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