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Can cow bile cure MRSA?



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Can cow bile cure MRSA?

Post by Kitkat on Tue 31 Mar 2015, 14:43

A cure for MRSA discovered in a collection of "old wives tale" remedies from medieval times?

A fusion of wine, garlic and cow bile!

It's not April 1st - that's tomorrow.  In some areas this would be classed as "alternative treatment" Rolling Eyes  but current expert research and testing seems to accept its efficacy.

A thousand-year-old medieval remedy for eye infections which was discovered in a manuscript in the British Library has been found to kill the superbug MRSA.

Anglo-Saxon expert Dr Christina Lee, from the School of English, at Nottingham University, recreated the 10th century potion to see if it really worked as an antibacterial remedy.

“We believe modern research into disease can benefit from past responses and knowledge, which is largely contained in non-scientific writings.

“But the potential of these texts to contribute to addressing the challenges cannot be understood without the combined expertise of both the arts and science.”

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