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Why are people so mean to each other online?



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Why are people so mean to each other online?

Post by Kitkat on Thu 26 Mar 2015 - 13:52

Gossip has made the world go around for centuries but in the digital age has it become more malicious?

It used to be the case that people got their gossip over the garden fence or from a bit of curtain twitching. But now we have the internet and the nature of chat has changed forever.

Trolling has become an established term for people who sow discord on the internet by starting arguments - and there are a lot of them around.
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Re: Why are people so mean to each other online?

Post by Stardust on Mon 6 Jul 2015 - 14:55

There are always vicious people and the internet allows those who would pretend to be nice to your face to hide behind a pseudo and insult you on the net, forums, Facebook, etc. To me this equates with those who parade in the streets hiding under hoodies or wearing Anonymous masks. They don't have the courage to express their opinions openly and some of them take pleasure in posting outright lies or provoking other posters into stupid arguments. We've probably all experienced a personal attack from these horrible pests at one time or another. My response is usually to stop visiting the forum for a while or at least add the nasty poster to my "enemies".
Why are some people only happy when they hurt others? It's a mystery. Some connection in their brain that's come loose, perhaps.

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Re: Why are people so mean to each other online?

Post by Feather on Thu 9 Jul 2015 - 10:20

I think it's basically an ego thing coupled with a particular type of temperament. The drive to win at all costs, to get the better of someone or simply to amuse oneself is the goal. The anonymity of the ID facilitates the process. I believe a troll is a cowardly person with a need for recognition of some kind.The discomfiture of the victim is the troll's reward. thumbdown


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