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Releasing the Burden of Loss and Suffering



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Releasing the Burden of Loss and Suffering

Post by Kitkat on Mon 23 Mar 2015, 19:34

What a wonderful idea.

Even in the stillness of early morning, there is a steady trickle of pilgrims.

Women pushing small children in prams, elderly people on sticks, people pushing others in wheelchairs, take the path of wood chippings down to the temple to gaze at the messages and the pictures with which it has been adorned.

"Leave a memory behind, let go of the past and look to the future," a large sign says at the entrance.

"A prayer for the caring," someone has written and nearby a large pill box is tucked into a pillar, filled with love hearts.

"My granny would have been so proud of me," is etched in childish characters on a small piece of wood.

Faces smile out of memory cards, complete with date of birth and date of death.

The temple is about people bringing burdens of loss and suffering and leaving it to be burned on Saturday night, when all will go up in flames.

David Best, the American artist behind the project, made his first temple as a tribute to a young man who died racing his motorbike.

For his friends, it was their first experience of death, and at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert in 2000, David helped them build a tribute that they burned.

From there, many temples to help many people deal with loss have followed.

Visitors to the temple can read messages left by others inside the structure

The idea of fire as cleansing is a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

Everything about this project leads to the final burning.

David Best has chosen people who have touched his heart to help him burn his temple.

It will be a carefully choreographed fire - one that should live on in the memories of the 20,000 people who will stand there and watch.

And after the temple has turned to ash and people have turned back to jobs and kids and the weekly commute, the field will be reseeded and there shall be no trace of the day of the spring equinox and the thousands gathered to watch the flames lick and leap.

It shall be as if it never happened... but they shall carry the memory like a photograph in the wallet of their hearts.

But (as it ever was) -  there are those who will protest:

'Tragic memories penned by thousands of people go up in flames in controversial art project branded 'Satanic' by church minister'

  •   Messages written in memory of loved ones who have died went up in flames in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
  •   Temple took two months to build and artist David Best said he hoped it would ease the pain of the bereaved
  •   Around 60,000 people visited the 70ft hand crafted tower carved out of plywood before it was set alight
  •   Some of the messages inside the structure were about people who had died during the 30 year conflict
  •   Presbyterian minister Reverend Graeme Orr said he feared the burning could leave people open to Satan

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