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Can you debunk The Amazing Donni?



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Can you debunk The Amazing Donni?

Post by MrBadPsychics on Sun 8 Mar 2015 - 15:06

Ok firstly this is for the woos of the forums, people who believe in psychics, ghosts, magical beings living in the sky and so on.

It is widely accepted that such people have a lack of critical thinking, therefore I would rather the likes of JJ dont debunk me, as obviously you can do so easily, and to do so you get nothing from it.

So for anyone who follows me, you might know that I like to wind up a magician on my forum, someone way more talented than I could ever dream to be, so recently I thought I would turn my hand to a bit of magic, and as a 100% complete novice, I was curious if I could fool anyone with some really basic tricks.

I couldn't care less about tricks being exposed or not
So here is the first of a few tricks, all I want is for the woos on here to debunk me, to explain how a trick is performed.

If you genuinely dont know, thats cool, just say so.

I will be honest about any video.

Ok, here is the first one.

This video was a one take effort.
It is 7 seconds long, and will keep looping automatically. Make sure the sound is on
So how is it done?

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Re: Can you debunk The Amazing Donni?

Post by Kitkat on Sun 8 Mar 2015 - 17:43

MrBadPsychics wrote:Make sure the sound is on

There IS no sound on it - not that that oughta make a difference anyway(?)

Or maybe that's a clue? Wink

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