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In Which Dystopian Universe Do You Belong? QUIZ

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In Which Dystopian Universe Do You Belong? QUIZ

Post by Kitkat on 26th February 2015, 19:07

Are you best matched for constant battle or a society that promotes “Sameness”?

Take the quiz and find out in which dystopian universe you would thrive! With so many fictional dystopian societies, including modern and futuristic, there's quite a selection. Perhaps you channel Katniss Everdeen's drive or Guy Montag's values. Let us know where you belong in the comments.

My result: 
You belong in: PANEM

You’re a strong individual living under the Capitol’s rule—just like Katniss in “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. While it’s not your first choice, you will be the strong one to protect others you love. Although governed by a society that sees pleasure in pining children against each other in a fight to the death, you know that there is strength in numbers and that things won’t always be like this. You have acquired many survival skills over the years, and if you’re ever thrown into the Hunger Games you’ll be ready physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Re: In Which Dystopian Universe Do You Belong? QUIZ

Post by Jamboree on 27th February 2015, 03:57

In Which Dystopian Universe Do You Belong?
You Got: You belong in: THE COMMUNITY
The “Utopian” society that is later revealed to be dystopian in “The Giver” by Lois Lowry is where you’d do best. You strive for color in a world that is black and white. You ask questions, like Jonas, and are not afraid to go against the norm. Although society eliminates pain and preaches “Sameness”, you’re an individual who knows that not everything is perfect. Your attitude is beneficial to this society and you realize that feelings and emotions are necessary to a fulfilling life.
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Re: In Which Dystopian Universe Do You Belong? QUIZ

Post by Whiskers on 27th February 2015, 14:37

You Got: You belong in: THE WORLD STATE
You’re ready to be governed by the World State, full of stability and peace, from “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. Here, you won’t have to think about decisions because they are already being made for you. Life is determined for you before birth, and from there it is spent with friends. Being alone is simply not tolerated. Although you may want to be more of an individual, you understand that being united and not causing trouble is more important.

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