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I hope everyone is safe from the rages of Ophelia. Not forgetting the poor frightened animals too. xx
Hearing all the stories here. 3 people have died so far in Ireland with trees hitting cars. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would venture out in a car in a hurricane!!!
A really strange golden hue in the atmosphere here in London. And a weird but slightly familiar smell in the air - reminds me of just before a sandstorm in Libya.

Silent disco?



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Silent disco?

Post by Kitkat on Sun 15 Feb 2015, 18:10

I'm trying so hard to imagine what it could possibly consist of ....  a "silent disco"  surprised  shrug

Has anyone ever heard of this before?  Am I just lagging a bit behind the times in my ignorance (and imagination)?

Apparently, the Museum of London - in an attempt to create an 'Alternative idea to mark Valentine's Day' - hosted an exhibition on Friday, 13th just gone.

"In honour of Sherlock Holmes, we're rejecting convention on the eve of the romantic day and embracing London's bohemian soul."

That means late-night bars, an absinthe workshop, a silent disco, drop-in life drawing, performance art and a Trans-Siberian marching band complete with circus performers and dancefloor.
Whatever will they think of next?  scared
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Re: Silent disco?

Post by Whiskers on Sun 15 Feb 2015, 18:56

All the dancers wear headphones and dance away listening to the music that no-one else can hear. It's really funny to watch. Everyone's dancing to something different. Fun trying to work out what they're dancing to! cheesy

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