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British student survives four days in Turkish cave with no food



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British student survives four days in Turkish cave with no food

Post by Kitkat on Wed 21 Jan 2015, 16:42

'A British student has been reunited with his family after surviving four days lost in a cave in Turkey.'

Oh dear, I'm inclined to agree with ALL the comments attached to this news article:

Whatever happened to the beached Oil Tanker off the I.O.W. in the Solent?

Must be another slow news day.

four whole days. wow


Oh dear ,,, my Oh my ,,, out on a DAYS hike.... ONE day ,, that's half a day out and half a day back... what happened did the string run out...I think he needs his mums hand to hold onto, or better still put him in his baby walker in the back garden ,,, fool.

Went out on Wednesday and called emergency services Friday.River and rainwater to drink, bugs and fruit to eat.Should have taken his Mother with them.

should have gone all inclusive.

4 days without food and that's news?

Drama queens.

Nice story for FaceBook or Twitter, perhaps ... but national/international headlines! ??   surprised   Neutral

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