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AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 to Singapore missing

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AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 to Singapore missing

Post by Kitkat on Mon 29 Dec 2014, 11:05

I have relatives in Indonesia, currently travelling between Singapore, Jakarta, Manado and Yogjakarta.  
My niece who lives in Holland is visiting over Christmas between various family members.
After a very worrying and harrowing time, I have just had confirmed reports that she and all the family are safe, having just arrived from Manado by car/ferry to Yogjakarta (where my other niece is at University).

Thoughts and prayers are with the many families and friends affected by this terrible tragedy.   sadd

   An AirAsia Indonesia airliner flying from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people on board has lost contact with air traffic control.

   Flight QZ8501 went missing at 07:24 (23:24 GMT), AirAsia tweeted.

   The plane, an Airbus A320-200, disappeared midway into the flight of more than two hours and no distress call was issued.

   Indonesian military planes and aircraft from Singapore are searching an area of the Java Sea.

   The flight left the Indonesian city of Surabaya in eastern Java at 05:20 local time (22:20 GMT) and was due to arrive in Singapore at 08:30 (00:30 GMT).

Here is a BBC link giving live updates on the search mission:
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Re: AirAsia Indonesia QZ8501 to Singapore missing

Post by Whiskers on Tue 30 Dec 2014, 10:45

Good that your relatives are safe Kitkat. But not good news for other families hearing the news today. The missing plane has been found in the sea and so far more than 40 bodies recovered.

    Current date/time is Wed 23 Jan 2019, 02:41