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Cough up and Shut up!

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Cough up and Shut up!

Post by Kitkat on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 17:35

As per usual, the tetchy tweeting twits in conjunction with the pernickity press pack are making a volcano out of a pimple.

"With one shrivelling put-down, a tetchy atmosphere turned toxic," she wrote in her review.

"British violinist Thomas Gould was also in the audience, and tweeted: "Difficult to be charmed by Kyung-Wha Chung's Mozart after her curious outburst at parents of a coughing child."

Outburst?  Toxic atmosphere?   Oh, for goodness sake! ...  
The performer made a humorous passing comment to the parents of a child in the audience suffering with a frog in her throat.
To imply that the evil eye was then bestowed on the child, causing a petty "tetchy and taut" performance from the violinist, is just plain journalistic poppycock - with others then joining in to uphold the cause: e.g. composer Valeri Millood's comment:  
"Poor audience behaviour has ruined a great many concerts in my experience”.

If indeed some performing divas do agree with such a notion, they would do well to remember that their paying audience goes some way to contributing to allowing such performers the privileged position of performing their work in the first place - and if they are not up to the inevitable difficulties involved in performing in front of a varied audience, then quite frankly it's their own problem and something which they need to work on to their own satisfaction.  Rather than searching for a scapegoat to place the blame on, people in whatever situation that befalls them, ought really to take responsibility for their own selves.   The frequently played Blame Game serves no positive purpose.

The article as reported in the BBC News Entertainments section:
Renowned violinist Kyung-Wha Chung has shocked audiences at the Royal Festival Hall by publicly berating the parents of a coughing child.

Kyung Wha Chung The violinist had not played in the UK for more than a decade

The South Korean prodigy had been absent from the London stage for 12 years, partly due to a finger injury.

But the 66-year-old took offence at a child coughing during her performance of Mozart's Sonata In G.

"Maybe bring her back when she's older," she scolded the parents from the stage.

Anna Picard, music critic for The Times, said the atmosphere in the hall had already been tense, such was the anticipation surrounding the violinist's comeback.

"With one shrivelling put-down, a tetchy atmosphere turned toxic," she wrote in her review.

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