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Nepal's Killing Fields

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Nepal's Killing Fields

Post by Kitkat on Sat 29 Nov 2014, 00:52

FIVE THOUSAND buffalo lie slaughtered at the beginning of Hindu ceremony which sees up to 300,000 animals killed to bring worshippers good luck


  • Hundreds of thousands of animals set to be slaughtered during two-day religious festival in Nepal
  • The Hindu festival is held every five years in honour of Gadhimai, the goddess of power
  • Festivities kicked off on Friday morning with the mass-slaughter of 5,000-6,000 buffalo in a field
  • The last time the festival was held, in 2009, more than 250,000 animals were killed, according to PETA

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Re: Nepal's Killing Fields

Post by Whiskers on Sat 29 Nov 2014, 22:21

That is stomach churning.   You would think some authority would get involved to put a stop to that vile custom.  Because it comes under the name of religion it's allowed to continue.  angry

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