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Info for Imageshack users



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Info for Imageshack users

Post by Kitkat on Sun 16 Nov 2014, 00:38

I have never used Imageshack, but some info for members here who might use it.

An announcement a while back on our Host Forum says:
Some of you lost some Imageshack images.
Please note this problem doesn't come from Forumotion but from Imageshack.
Three months ago Imageshack updated its service.
Right now, if you don't have an account, all images hosted before the update will be lost.

So, if anyone has put up images on this Forum using Imageshack and those images have now disappeared, that is the reason.

Here are some comments from people who did have accounts with Imageshack (not members on this forum, but on other Forumotion-hosted sites):

I can attest to experiencing firsthand how those images would inexplicably disappear. It happened prior to their new subscription model back in January of this year. They were helpful in trying to restore them, but advised to upload them again if some of them continue to remain missing. I had to do a few of those last year. It's been okay since.

I deleted all my image shack captures last year due to image shack asking people to pay for their accounts. The first 500 captures were free on all accounts. However I & lot of people found that image shack were using adverts to pop up on some free accounts when clicking on the captures/photos. Also a lot of the free accounts most images have broken links in which captures/photos are lost.

For more information please read Imageshack Faq

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