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X-Ray Shows Tortoise Swallowed Turtle Pendant



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X-Ray Shows Tortoise Swallowed Turtle Pendant

Post by Kitkat on Wed 29 Oct 2014, 16:15

A veterinarian was shell-shocked when he found the cause of a sick tortoise's sluggishness - he had swallowed a turtle pendant.

Lola's owner brought him to the Miami animal doctor because the 15lb male African spurred tortoise had been suffering stomach trouble and refusing meals.

Dr Don Harris said he thought someone was playing a joke when X-rays showed the metallic object inside his patient.

X-rays show the metallic object inside Lola Pic: Courtesy of Dr Don Harris

He told Sky News: "I've seen a lot of foreign-body ingestion in my 35 years in the job, but I've never seen an animal eat one of its own."

Lola's owner told Dr Harris she did not recognise the pendant when it turned up on the X-rays.

The veterinarian said it is not uncommon for tortoises to swallow litter while grazing on vegetation.

Lola is staying at the Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Center until the pendant passes through his system.

He faces an operation if nature does not take its course.

Source:  Sky News

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