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The joy of normality.


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The joy of normality. Empty The joy of normality.

Post by Feather on Fri May 06 2011, 09:26

I've just had proof, if I needed it, of how things are too often taken for granted and not really appreciated enough. My puter has been misbehaving badly for a few days. An explanation would take too long but I've spent all my spare time trying to fix it. hairpull
Finally, last night, I got it back to what it should be. The joy I felt amazed me. cheers
May you allow yourselves to bask in the bliss of normality.


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The joy of normality. Empty Re: The joy of normality.

Post by Stardust on Fri May 06 2011, 13:22

I'm glad your computer's working ok again, Feather.

It's true isn't it that we often don't really appreciate things (or people) until we've lost them.

Be grateful for even the smallest thing, blessings come in many disguises.

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