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How to introduce 2 cats to each other.

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How to introduce 2 cats to each other.

Post by bimbow on 13th September 2014, 22:37


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Re: How to introduce 2 cats to each other.

Post by Kitkat on 14th September 2014, 10:55

That is exactly how it was with Pepsi and Poppy. happyheart

Although brother and sister from the same litter, there was a 3-week separation period where they had to be re-introduced.  We had initially "booked" one kitten from even before they were born.  Other people had got their reservations in as well, and at that stage no idea how many would be in the litter.  When ready to leave their mother, we were telephoned to go along and choose.  I would dearly have loved to have brought home two kittens at that time, but it had taken all my powers of persuasion for some time before that to get my partner at the time to even agree to having one - so imagine my surprise when we were in the car on the way home with Pepsi, when he came out with "it would be nice if he had a little playmate for company".  Turns out that while I was busy chatting and playing with all the kittens and their mum - as well as the rabbit and the two dogs who also lived in the house, Richard had been chatting to the house owner who told him that although all the kittens had been reserved, one of the prospective owners had already "pre-booked" to have two kittens only, and had said at the time she wanted two, or none.  When they were born, it turned out there would only be one left for her and she was away on holiday at the time, so they didn't know whether she would be sticking to that request or not.  So the little black and white female kitty would be "up for grabs" if this other person said no on her return.

As soon as we got home, I phoned to let her know that we would definitely take her if the person's not interested.  Three weeks later she phoned to tell me we could come and collect Poppy.
I remember thinking Pepsi will be so excited and happy to see his little sister again - but NO!  He hissed and growled and made as though he was going to attack her!  This was his home.  In those three weeks he had already established his territory - and this was an intruder!  The way things were, it seemed as though these two would NEVER EVER get on.  We did all the things advised up there in that video ... and it took 3 days before they could even safely be in one room together, and then only under very careful supervision.

They ended up being absolutely inseparable (just like the end bit of the video), a very happy, beautiful bond that lasted for 12 years ... up until when Poppy passed away.  Pepsi lived for another two years after Poppy passed - and he mourned her deeply for about 2 months after she left.

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