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SOLVED [solved]Notifications

Post by Jamboree on Thu 04 Sep 2014, 12:33

Every time I log in here I have Notifications saying "So-and-so posted a message in a watched topic".  wtfcat   I have to delete them every time.  I don't need them.  
They are annoying. They don't tell me anything!  Watched topic?   hairpull

I click in the link View posts since last visit, which tells me all I need to know.  


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SOLVED Re: [solved]Notifications

Post by Whiskers on Thu 04 Sep 2014, 22:57

You can close off the notifications Jamboree. If you click on the up arrow you can get rid of the toolbar.


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SOLVED Re: [solved]Notifications

Post by Kitkat on Fri 05 Sep 2014, 12:06

Hi Jamboree,

As Whiskers has said, you can get rid of those Notifications altogether (though by doing so, you would be discarding a useful 'at a glance' option in the toolbar - which is the "Welcome [username] part right next to the Notifications.  If you click into there, you are able see and do certain actions at a glance.  

i.e. ....

  • View profile
  • Edit profile
  • My topics
  • My posts
  • Watched topics
  • My private messages
  • Administration Panel
  • Log out

All that from the one place.  It also lets you check your posts and PMs from there.

You can delete all of some of the Toolbar Notifcations instantly, by clicking into "Notifications" (top right-hand corner of board).  Right down the bottom you will see 2 boxes - 'Delete' (for single deletions) or 'Delete All' - to get rid of all of the day's Notifications at a click.

Now, if you look up to top of that page you will see a further set of check boxes.  This is where you are able to set (or un-set) the individual types of notifications that you prefer.  (By checking each one of the boxes under the heading Toolbar - you will not be bothered with any more of those notifications in your Toolbar until if/when you check those boxes again:

Here is the list that you will see (and you should check or uncheck the boxes to the right of each notification, confirming whether or not you would like those notifications in your email or/and your Toolbar:

Notification types  
By email  /  In the Toolbar

  • Friend requests
  • The incoming of a private message
  • The incoming of a profile message
  • A new post in a watched topic
  • A request to join a group
  • An abuse reported
  • A new report
  • Connection of a friend to the forum

It really is as simple as that. Very Happy

Please let me know if you have any problems with any of that -
and if this reply has settled all to your satisfaction, do please mark this thread as 'Solved'.

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