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Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil



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Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil

Post by Kitkat on 16th May 2014, 11:44

They say they are angry that billions of dollars are being spent on next month's football tournament, rather than social projects and housing

Read more:

Analysis: (from Wyre Davies, Sao Paolo)
Most people here will eventually support the World Cup when it gets under way, but it's cost a lot of money - $15bn (£10bn) - and most of that has been public money.

Brazil is still a developing country with many inequalities and high levels of poverty. And when you see brand-new stadiums popping up in a Sao Paulo suburb at the cost of millions, and around there are squatter camps full of people saying they cannot afford to live, then you can see where the conflict comes from.

What the government will be looking out for is a critical mass. If these protests are attracting 5,000-10,000 people every time, then they will become too difficult to police.


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Defend human rights at the World Cup

Post by Kitkat on 31st May 2014, 14:15

Basic freedoms are under threat in Brazil. Police brutality is increasing, and a new law could make peaceful protests a crime.

Mass protests have led to ill-equipped police using unnecessary force on civilians. Ask Brazil not to turn the beautiful game ugly, and respect human rights for all.

A year of mass protests and police brutality

Last year, Brazil saw mass protests of a scale never before seen in the country.

In May 2013, Brazilians took to the streets, initially to rally against rises in transport fares. The focus of the demonstrations quickly widened from outrage at transport fare hikes to include dissatisfaction with inadequate public services, including healthcare and education, as well as government corruption and forced eviction of communities in preparation for the World Cup (as reported above).

What started as small demonstrations in a number of cities gathered in scale, and as many as 300,000 people took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro during May and June.

Key problems with policing

As protests gathered momentum, it became clear that police and security forces were not equipped to deal with demonstrations of this scale. In many cases they reacted violently and in violation of international regulations.

No training

Police and security forces were ill-equipped to deal with large-scale demonstrations. Research this year found that over 60% of the Brazilian police force felt that they had not received adequate training for work of this kind.

Illegal use of weapons

Police used excessive force to control protests – including tear gas and rubber bullets.In doing so, they injured many civilians attending protests.

  •  A photographer covering the protests in São Paulo on 13 June 2013 lost his eye after being shot by police with rubber bullets. He lost his eye.
  •  A municipal street cleaner in Belem, Pará state, died on 21 June 2013 after police allegedly sprayed tear gas inside a place where she and other people were sheltering during a protest the day before.

Mass detentions

Hundreds of protesters were arrested during the 2013 protests. Some were immediately released and others were detained and charged – many of them for offenses of contempt, resistance, conspiracy to gather or assemble, and for causing damage to property.

Lawyers for some of the detainees in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro told us that police prevented them from accessing the detainees on multiple occasions. Police prevented some detained protesters from contacting a lawyer or a family member for several hours after their arrest.

Not held to account

In São Paulo alone, Police Internal Affairs opened 21 internal processes to investigate allegations of violations by the police during protests between June 2013 and January 2014. It is reported that, so far, none of these investigations have been concluded and no police officers have been subjected to disciplinary or criminal proceedings or received any penalties.

Now protesting may become a criminal offence

The Brazilian government is one step away from passing a new ‘terrorism’ Bill ahead of the tournament in June. If passed, it could see any civilian attending a protest – regardless of whether they have committed a crime or not – imprisoned for peacefully demonstrating.

Law 449/2013 plans to make ‘disorder’ a crime, with the aim of addressing threats of terrorism. But ‘disorder’ is vaguely worded in the Bill – if passed in its current form, innocent civilians could be locked up simply for expressing their right to free speech and freedom of assembly. The Brazilian government appears to be rushing through this legislation before the World Cup starts in June, potentially in order to curb protests at the time of the tournament.

Protesting is not a crime, it’s a human right. Instead of crushing potential protests, Brazilian authorities should instead be looking for ways to responsibly police demonstrations and allow citizens to peacefully protest without fear of arrest.

TAKE ACTION - Sign the Petition      



Posts : 3350
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Re: Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil

Post by Kitkat on 5th June 2014, 08:39

This Panorama programme, broadcast on 4th June, exhibits in graphic detail some explanation for the fervour and strength of the nationwide protests leading up to the World Cup in Brazil 2014.

WARNING!  - Contains very strong language and upsetting scenes

Brazil:  In the Shadow of the Stadiums
Next week, the 'beautiful game' is coming home. Brazil, the most successful nation in football history, is hosting the 2014 World Cup. But the build-up has been overshadowed by violent protests against the spiralling cost of staging the tournament. In a country where a quarter of the population live in extreme poverty, there's widespread anger at what's perceived as the increasing divide between the rich and poor. The multi-million pound new stadiums sit alongside an epidemic of drug addiction and child prostitution. Tonight Panorama reveals the shame of a country where children as young as 12 sell their bodies for the price of a soft drink, where drug cartels control whole swathes of city centres and where the poor are feeling more dispossessed than ever before.

Watch the programme here  arrow


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Flyover collapses in Brazil World Cup host city

Post by Kitkat on 4th July 2014, 10:59

A flyover has collapsed on to vehicles in the Brazilian World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte, killing two people.

The concrete and steel bridge, which was under construction, fell on to traffic on a busy highway.

The front of a commuter bus was crushed along with two apparently unoccupied construction lorries. A car was also reported crushed.

The south-eastern Brazilian city is due to host a football World Cup semi-final match next week.

The health department of the state of Minas Gerais, of which Belo Horizonte is the capital, said the bus driver and another person were killed, and 22 other people were injured.

Authorities said they had not yet reached a small passenger car that was flattened by the collapse. It was not known if anyone was inside the car but officials said they would be working through the night to try to free it.

The scene of the accident is near the busy district of Lagoa da Pampulha and the Mineirao Stadium, which has played host to several World Cup matches.

The unfinished flyover was part of the World Cup infrastructure plan aimed at improving Belo Horizonte's public transport system.

A resident of the city, Diego Siqueira, told the BBC that people in Belo Horizonte were "not surprised" by the accident.

"Every World Cup infrastructure construction was delayed until the last year and they started to build it so fast and without quality," he complained.

Brazil's preparations for the World Cup have been marred by accidents and missed deadlines. At least seven people were killed working on stadiums prior to the start of the tournament.

Last month, a worker was killed after a beam fell during construction of a monorail in Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paulo.

The authorities have denied allegations that corners have been cut to get projects finished on time for the football tournament.



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Re: Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil

Post by Kitkat on 9th July 2014, 11:38

Aw, you've got to feel sorry for Brazil - thrashed in their own country's hosted World Cup semi-finals yesterday.
They can't even go quietly home with their tails between their legs.

Germany 7 - Brazil 1    surprised   rock
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All Star Gold Member

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Re: Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil

Post by Stardust on 9th July 2014, 14:05

It was almost 7-0, till they managed a goal right at the end to save their honour. Unbelievable score and the team must have wanted to curl up and die afterwards.

Be grateful for even the smallest thing, blessings come in many disguises.


Posts : 3350
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Re: Anti-World Cup Protests and Riots all over Brazil

Post by Kitkat on 9th July 2014, 16:36

@Stardust wrote:It was almost 7-0, till they managed a goal right at the end to save their honour. Unbelievable score and the team must have wanted to curl up and die afterwards.

But wasn't it just an unbelievable match altogether? I know they were without their two best players, but ....
I think Germany scored an incredible four of those goals all in the space of 6 minutes! Every time I blinked an eye, it seemed another one had gone in.

    Current date/time is 20th February 2018, 17:22