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I hope everyone is safe from the rages of Ophelia. Not forgetting the poor frightened animals too. xx
Hearing all the stories here. 3 people have died so far in Ireland with trees hitting cars. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would venture out in a car in a hurricane!!!
A really strange golden hue in the atmosphere here in London. And a weird but slightly familiar smell in the air - reminds me of just before a sandstorm in Libya.

Why foreigners shouldn't abbreviate.

Umberto Cocopop
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Why foreigners shouldn't abbreviate.

Post by Umberto Cocopop on Thu 06 Mar 2014, 22:54

What would you abbreviate Copper Nanotubes to?

Well, probably not this:

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Re: Why foreigners shouldn't abbreviate.

Post by Whiskers on Tue 11 Mar 2014, 21:03

Haha    cheesy 

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