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Man 'comes back from the dead' (after some 3 hours in body bag?)



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Man 'comes back from the dead' (after some 3 hours in body bag?)

Post by Kitkat on Sat 1 Mar 2014 - 14:53

Walter Williams back from dead: Mississippi man alive in funeral home

Great big hoo-haw over this, and they are apparently still waiting to confirm the length of time this man was officially 'dead' (i.e. from the time he was declared dead by the medics to the time he was seen to flinch and move - just as they were about to embalm him.)  Surely to goodness, it's plain to see .... the man was NOT 'dead'!  He may have slipped into a coma or something (he had a pacemaker fitted, for goodness sake!), but I suppose no-one is wanting to be too quick about admitting to such a critical error and especially not having it published and broadcast all over the world.

Report here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-26397032

A Mississippi man has been found literally 'alive and kicking' in a body bag at a funeral home after being declared dead.

Workers at Porter and Sons Funeral Home were preparing to embalm Walter Williams when he moved.

Brad Soroka, from WJTV News Channel 12, in Jackson Mississippi, said everybody wants to hear from "the man who came back from the dead".

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