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The Arab Uprising: Country by Country

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The Arab Uprising: Country by Country

Post by Kitkat on Tue 07 Jan 2014, 10:52

- Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, Aged 75, Deposed after 23 years
- "We had a clean revolution. The former president turned out to be a coward. He just ran away. Not like the others - like the poor Libyans, or in Syria - but it lit the fuse to all the other revolutions"

- Hosni Mubarak, Aged 84, Deposed after 23 years
- "Our country's condition was getting worse and worse. There was corruption, torture, injustice, inequality and no freedom. Someone had to stand up and say 'enough is enough'"

- Muammar Gaddafi, Aged 68, Killed after 42 years
- "It's freedom. There's no Gaddafi, unbelievable. I feel the freedom. I smell the freedom."

- Ali Abdullah Saleh, Aged 70, Deposed after 33 years
- "If they are trying to scare us, they are wrong. We will continue. Let them come and burn the whole square, we will not leave."

- Bashar al-Assad, Aged 48, In power since 2000
- "The Tunisians had already been freed. The Egyptians were on their way to be free. We thought it was our turn to be free too"

- King Hamad al-Khalifa, Aged 63, In power since 1999
- "We don't fear death any more, let the army come and kill us to show the world what kind of savages they are"

Saudi Arabia
- King Abdullah Al Saud, Aged 89, In power since 2005
- "I don't believe that liberal democracy will be put in place tomorrow but we have to start somewhere. Equality, the rule of law - the country is ready for this. We have to start the process"

- King Mohammed VI, Aged 50, In power since 1999
- "They dare to voice criticism that they haven't dared to before; they dare say we want a king who does not rule, but who is a symbol. They dare to say and discuss this. Before it was not permitted"

- Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Aged 76, In power since 1999
- "One day this will be bigger than Tahrir Square - but not today. We will keep returning every week though until things begin to change and Algeria has democracy"

- King Abdullah II, Aged 51, In power since 1999
- "We have to keep the pressure on this government. We are in the streets and we'll stay in the streets until we see all these demands working on the ground"

- Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Aged 73, In power since 1970
- "Oman's stability was always just a cover... Oman is still a bomb waiting to explode"

- Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah, Aged 84, In power since 2006
- "We have a government that doesn't listen, doesn't see and all it does is deceiving the people."

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