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Happy New Year.

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Happy New Year.

Post by Feather on 31st December 2013, 17:19

To you all here at Krazy Kats---

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Re: Happy New Year.

Post by Whiskers on 31st December 2013, 20:13

Happy New Year to you too Feather  I love you  wine    And to everyone else here.  toast  wine   
I hope its a good year all round for everyone.   :thumb:
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Re: Happy New Year.

Post by Kitkat on 31st December 2013, 21:26

From me too.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to Feather and Whiskers  happyheart  happyheart  and to everyone else here.  toast 

Wishing you much love, luck and laughter for 2014.  (Adding in wishes for good health there too ...  sunny )

My neighbours have just called in - on their way out to celebrate.  Brought me a lovely bottle of red wine, which I've opened.  

Discovered a new cocktail (courtesy of the Skeps forum  Wink ), called a BMW.   pirat 
Stands for [equal measures of] Baileys, Malibu and Whisky.

As I've got all the ingredients to hand, I've already tried it out!  Mmmmm ... delish!

So I'll be concocting another one o' those to see the new year in, bang on the Witching Hour.  Wink   

A toast to ye all ...  wine  .... HAPPY NEW YEAR!    woohoo

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