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I hope everyone is safe from the rages of Ophelia. Not forgetting the poor frightened animals too. xx
Hearing all the stories here. 3 people have died so far in Ireland with trees hitting cars. Can't for the life of me understand why anyone would venture out in a car in a hurricane!!!
A really strange golden hue in the atmosphere here in London. And a weird but slightly familiar smell in the air - reminds me of just before a sandstorm in Libya.




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Post by Kitkat on Sat 28 Sep 2013, 15:31

Civet coffee has created an industry dependent on the caging and force feeding of animals. Tell Harrods to take a stand and stop supporting this brutal trade.

Trapped and caged in cramped conditions. Force-fed, gnawing at its legs and passing blood in its urine. These are the conditions that the civet, a small cat-like mammal in Indonesia, are kept in to produce the world's most expensive coffee.

At £60 a cup, civet coffee is made from collecting the droppings of the wild civet who eat and partially digest the coffee beans. But an increase in demand has led to battery-cage conditions with animals kept in tiny spaces to mass produce the coffee for the global market.

Tony Wild is a coffee expert who introduced the coffee to the UK ten years ago. Now he is calling on retailers to stop stocking the product, shocked by what the industry has become. So he's started a petition on calling on one stockist, Harrods, to take a lead and stop selling this cruel coffee. Click here to join him.

Harrods' Indonesian supplier say they only use droppings from wild civets but experts say it is impossible for any civet coffee to be guaranteed as "ethical" . Tony believes that if Harrods stop selling the coffee it will put pressure on other stockists and suppliers to end what he calls a "brutal and horrific industry".

Tony is devastated that these animals are suffering just so that people can enjoy a cup of expensive coffee. He believes that if enough people join forces and tell Harrods to set an example, they will be forced to listen.

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