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Pakistan Game Show used babies as prizes

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Pakistan Game Show used babies as prizes

Post by Kitkat on Sat 27 Jul 2013, 18:39

The sensational shock report headed 'Pakistan Game Show used babies as prizes'
accompanied by a news clip video:

A TV game show in Pakistan has been condemned by campaigners for children’s rights from around the world after giving away two newborn babies as jackpot prizes.

Amaan Ramazan gave two newborns away to families who have a history of struggling to conceive naturally during the month of Ramadan; in Pakistan the holy month of Ramadan sees viewing figures for popular shows rise as the ratings wars for TV shows grow. one of the newborns given away as a prize was reported by host Aamir Liaquat Hussain to have been abandoned on a pile of trash before being rescued and given to a couple having difficulty having a baby.

The two babies given away on one of Pakistan’s most popular game shows were rescued by the Chhipa Welfare Association that specializing in rescuing abandoned babies. The problem of abandoned babies in Pakistan sees hundreds of newborns abandoned each month as the conservative Muslim nation frowns upon children born out of wedlock.

The Chhipa Welfare Association claims babies are often abandoned with piles of trash and ask for parents to instead give them their babies for safekeeping.

A female baby was given as a prize to Amaan Ramazan contestant Riaz-ud-din and his wife who claimed to have struggled for 14 years to have children.

However, a comment to the article (see below) shows that there is ALWAYS more than one side to EVERY story - a stark reminder not to accept anything simply on face value, and the importance of checking out every side of a story, report, article - no matter where it comes from.

I am disgusted at the false reporting of this story. The presenter very rightly described that the the babies were being dumped on rubbish tips, becaue a they may have been born out of wedlock, b the motehr couldn't lookk after her and c more dispicably when parents do not want a girl. the presenter very rightly CONDEMEND THIS PRACTICE.
Lastly and mor seriously he said quite clearly that with the adoption agency they had FOUND parents to look after the child. Therefore they were not giving the child away as a prize , but had already found parents and were presenting the baby to the parents on the TV show. There is a very good reason for this. Firstly it is to discourage the throwing away of babies on rubbish tips- people were being urged not to do this but to leave it with the adoption agency so that more deserving parents could look after it. Secondly he very correctly outlines that many of the children are girls and that not valuing girls is incorrect, as The Prophet Peace be Upon him said that they girls were a mercy and must be treated with respect.
What the show has tried to do is to stop the shameful act of dumping babies by shaming those concerned and getting those unwanted children into loving homes.
There was no prize giving in this clip or nor was it even implied.
Shameful western media reporting.

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