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The Vandals


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:book: The Vandals

Post by Kitkat Thu Dec 31 2020, 13:56

So that's where the word comes from!  Interesting to learn from today's article about 'This Day in History' .

The Vandals Invade Gaul

An ancient Germanic tribe that originated in North Jutland, the Vandals began a decades-long migration in the early 5th century.  The violent path they cut through Europe made their name synonymous with senseless destruction.
Crossing the Rhine in 406 CE, they invaded their first stop, Gaul.  The Roman-allied Franks refused to allow them to settle there, so the Vandals devasted the region and kept moving.  By the time they sacked Rome in 455 CE, they had established a kingdome of their own - where?  Read more ...

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