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Don't forget - The clocks go back one hour tonight


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Don't forget - The clocks go back one hour tonight  Empty Don't forget - The clocks go back one hour tonight

Post by Kitkat Sat Oct 24 2020, 12:46

Don't forget - clocks go back tonight (at 2:00am Sunday morning) to be precise. 

Yes, it's that nonsensical twice-yearly wind-up time again ... toetap   timeglass

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the brakes on plans to abolish seasonal clock changes in Europe in 2021, but [they say] it remains a question of when not if ...

Plans to abolish clock changes across the European Union in 2021 have been put on hold as a result of the pandemic.

In March 2019 the European Parliament approved a proposal stating that seasonal clock changes – spring forward, fall back – would become a thing of the past from next year, but a spokesperson for the Council of the European Union has confirmed that the move is not currently on the agenda.

The spokesperson says that it is very unlikely that the current German presidency of the council will raise the issue again before its term ends in December. It is also unlikely that Portugal or Slovenia, which hold the presidency in 2021, will put seasonal clock changes back on the agenda anytime soon.

That means that the UK will still switch back to GMT at 02:00 on Sunday, October 25. And it will keep switching between GMT and BST for some time yet. Seasonal clock changes will also still take place across Europe, with every member state making the jump at the same time to keep in sync. That’s good news for early risers, but bad news for anyone living in an area where you can’t mix with other households indoors – the switch back to GMT in the UK will mean it will soon get dark well before 5pm.

It might be a slow process, but the end of daylight savings in Europe is still likely to happen – even if it is delayed by a year or two. The 2021 deadline had been proposed back in 2018, but was never committed to by diplomats despite the proposals securing widespread approval by the European Parliament. In December 2019, when abolishing seasonal clock changes was last raised at a European Council meeting, diplomats agreed that member states needed more time to plan and prepare for such a complex switch.

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