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Dublin teen who spent 12 days on ventilator urges young people to take coronavirus seriously


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Dublin teen who spent 12 days on ventilator urges young people to take coronavirus seriously Empty Dublin teen who spent 12 days on ventilator urges young people to take coronavirus seriously

Post by Kitkat on Fri Oct 02 2020, 13:27

A brave Dublin teenager who spent 12 days in an Intensive Care Unit with coronavirus has urged young people to take the virus seriously.

Jack Edge, 17, is still recovering from the damage done to his body by Covid-19, five months after he first contracted the killer bug.

The teenager, from Rathfarnham, first began to display symptoms on April 15.

A fit and healthy young man, Jack had no underlying health conditions.

However, just five days after he began displaying symptoms, and with his condition worsening, Jack was admitted to Tallaght University Hospital.

Within a matter of hours, he was transferred to the ICU and put on a ventilator after experiencing serious difficulties breathing.

Speaking to RTE, Jack recalled his harrowing experience.

"While I was on the ventilator the nurses were able to FaceTime my parents. I don’t remember this, but they have one or two pictures of me with the tube down my throat. And that was the only time they could see me," he said.

Even after his condition stabilised and he was transferred to a high dependency unit, Jack continued to feel the effects of coronavirus.

"I couldn't sleep for three days. Every time I closed my eyes, there was just dizziness and loads of colours,” he told RTE.

"I literally stayed in the bed for 72 hours, just staring at the wall. I had a lot of dark times in the hospital, since I do struggle with anxiety too.”

While Jack credits the “amazing” care and support for helping him get through the experience, doctors later discovered he may have suffered nerve damage as a result the virus.

Jack has been admitted to hospital three times since contracting coronavirus and is facing a long road to recovery.
"I’m currently taking 18-20 tablets a day. Tablets for the nerve damage, for pain and for my anxiety,” he told RTE .
He now walks with the aid of crutches.
"I basically have to learn to walk again.”
While Jack is being supported through his recovery by his parents, Robert and Jennifer, he’s grown frustrated after seeing many young people flouting the restrictions designed to reduce their chances of catching the virus.
"I have got frustrated with a lot of people because of my history with Covid and what it has done to me,” he said.
His message to other young people is simple.
“Wear a mask and socially distance.”
"Do it for you. Do it for your friends. Do it so your elderly loved ones can be safe and don't get sick. Do it so all our lives can return to normal."

Read the full interview with Jack and his parents Robert and Jennifer here .

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