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Coronavirus - 22nd September


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:Covid-19: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 10:43

Summary for Tuesday, 22nd September

  • Boris Johnson is set to address MPs and the whole nation on further coronavirus restrictions for England
  • English pubs must close at 22:00 from Thursday, he is expected to say
  • And people in England should work from home if they can, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says
  • The US Centers for Disease Control withdraws advice on aerosol transmission
  • It comes a day after top scientist warned urgent action was needed to stem a spike in infections
  • Cases in Mexico surpass 700,000 - Latin America is the worst hit region
  • Hollywood unions reach a deal with studios on resuming production
  • Czech PM admits mistake in easing lockdown too early
  • Over 31.2 million Covid-19 cases are confirmed worldwide, with more than 960,000 deaths

Hello and welcome to our live reporting of the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the main stories so far on Tuesday:

  • UK PM Boris Johnson will announce new restrictions to fight coronavirus - he'll make a statement to the House of Commons at 12.30 (11.30 GMT). Pubs will have to close from 22.00 from Thursday
  • Mexico's total number of confirmed infections has risen past 700,000 as the virus continues to spread rapidly in Latin America
  • New safety measures for making films in the age of coronavirus have been agreed by Hollywood's unions raising hopes that the industry can soon resume production
  • The prime minister of Czech Republic has admitted it was a mistake to ease restrictions in the summer - the country of 10 million people now has more than 50,000 cases
  • Stock markets in Asia recorded large falls on Tuesday following significant losses in Europe and US markets on Monday. There are growing fears about the further impact of the pandemic on economic performance

New restrictions to be announced in UK

More now on those announcements expected in the UK today.
Pubs, bars and restaurants in England will have to close by 10pm every night from Thursday, and only table service will be permitted.
We’re expecting Boris Johnson to set out the new measures in the Commons at 12:30 BST before he addresses the nation in a live broadcast at 20:00 BST.
People in Northern Ireland will not be allowed to visit someone else's home from 18:00 BST with a few exceptions, such as childcare. Up to six people from two households can meet in private gardens.
Tighter restrictions are also coming into force in four more parts of South Wales - Merthyr Tydfil, Bridgend, Blaenau Gwent and Newport. Hundreds of thousands of people will not be allowed to enter or leave their own areas without a valid reason, such as work.Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will announce tougher measures for Scotland today.
She says she'll wait to make the announcement until after an emergency meeting with Boris Johnson.
BBC News understands the government is poised to scrap plans for the return of some spectators to sporting venues next month. Pilot events have been taking place - with a maximum attendance of 1,000.
And about 30 million people in England are to be offered a flu jab in the biggest ever such vaccination programme.
Public Health England hopes to reduce the burden on the NHS during the winter and minimise the number of people who could become simultaneously infected with both flu and the coronavirus.

Mexico passes 700,000 cases

More than 700,000 people in Mexico have now been infected with coronavirus, according to official statistics, but the deputy health minister has warned that the true number is much higher.
But Hugo Lopez-Gatell also said that the pace of the pandemic was slowing. "We now have eight consecutive weeks of a falling (caseload)," he said on Monday.
The official death toll now stands at 73,697 people.
Latin America is the hardest-hit region, with around 8.7 million cases reported and 322,000 deaths. Peru, Colombia and Brazil have seen large outbreaks. Argentina broke its record last week for daily rises in cases after it reported almost 13,000 in one day.

'The epidemic is back' - Czech prime minister

The Czech Republic finds itself "in a very difficult situation again" Prime Minister Andrej Babis told the nation in a special address on Monday night, adding "the epidemic is back".
The country is now ranked second worst in the EU in terms of daily growth in cases, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek said.
The country had managed to avoid the worst of the pandemic by swiftly imposing a lockdown in the spring - thousands of Czechs even attended a "farewell party" for the pandemic in central Prague in July.
But a further 1,476 infections were confirmed on Monday, bringing the total to 50,764 in the nation of 10 million people.
Mr Babis said it was a mistake to lift restrictions in the summer. "Even I got carried away by the coming summer and the general mood. That was a mistake I don't want to make again," he said. However he said he did not want to introduce the same wide-ranging measures, and called on Czechs to act responsibly.

Latest around Europe

Spain has seen 31,428 new infections since Friday and health officials have made clear it is in the middle of a second wave of Covid-19. Worst affected is the capital Madrid, where some 850,000 people can no longer leave their local areas. Now Health Minister Salvador Illa says all Madrileños should "restrict to the maximum" their movement to stop further infection. Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida agrees - "unless it's essential".
A preliminary study in Norway by the public health institute says nine out of 10 people who died in the first three months of the country's pandemic were also suffering from chronic illnesses. Norway was not as badly hit as other European countries, with 236 Covid-related deaths from March until May, and no excess mortality was recorded.
Travellers from seven areas of France will have to provide a negative Covid test before entering Italy, because of the sharp increase in infection. The capital's Ile-de-France region as well as the far south are among the areas affected.
Russia has recorded its highest number of daily infections since July - 6,215 new cases have been reported and another 160 deaths, bringing the total to 19,469. Moscow is the worst-hit city.

Scientist warns new UK measures not enough

Calum Semple, a professor of child health and outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool, does not believe the new measures in England go far enough.
He says there is "significant anxiety" in the scientific community as they are seeing cases rise in the under 50s as well as the elderly.
He tells the BBC's Today programme he can see the country having to ban households from mixing; reduce sporting events; move higher education to an online service and place more stringent measures on the hospitality sector.
"The time to act is now," he warns.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 13:42

Analysis: Why all the doom and gloom?

Nick Triggle - Health Correspondent
First it was the scientists, now it’s the turn of ministers.
On Monday the government's two most senior coronavirus advisers - Prof Chris Witty and Sir Patrick Vallance - set out the scale of the problem. Today ministers are coming forward with the solution.
The scientists' warning was dire – the UK could see 50,000 cases by mid October – up from under 4,000 a day on average currently.
The government's response? So far what we’ve heard on government policy for England is that pubs will have to close early and that you should work from home if you can (although more restrictions may be announced later).
There seems to be a disconnect between the two. Why?
Some experts have described the 50,000 figures as implausible. France and Spain – who are a few weeks ahead of us – are nowhere near that trajectory. What is more, the "rule of six" brought in last week has not had a chance to have an impact.
Many believe what we are seeing now is a natural drift upwards – society has reopened and it is the time of year when respiratory viruses circulate more.
So why all the doom and gloom? There are three ways of looking at it. Firstly, that we are truly on the brink of an explosion in cases (they after all are the experts and have access to all the data).
Secondly, that they are worried (some argue unnecessarily given hospital cases remain low) and are softening the public up for more restrictions. The other is that they are trying to influence behaviour so more draconian restrictions are not needed.
Just how far the prime minister goes this afternoon will be telling.

What's the latest on a vaccine?

Russia says it expects to register a second potential vaccine against Covid-19 in October, TASS news agency reports.
In August the country licensed its first drug, called Sputnik V, for local use. In September, Russia said early tests by scientists showed it produced an autoimmune response against coronavirus, but larger trials were needed to prove effectiveness and safety.
On Tuesday the state-backed funders of Sputnik V say they will accept some liability if anyone who takes the virus develops unexpected side-effects, Reuters news agency reports.
Meanwhile phase-three clinical trials of a different vaccine, developed by Chinese company Cansinobio, begin today in Pakistan.
Read more about when there could be a vaccine.

Round-up of main coronavirus developments

  • Boris Johnson will shortly address MPs and later the nation on further coronavirus restrictions a day after scientists made dire warnings about the current trajectory of the virus
  • The badly-hit US is sadly likely to register 200,000 deaths from coronavirus shortly
  • Latin America is the worst-hit region for cases and deaths, as Mexico passes 700,000 total cases
  • The Czech prime minister says he made a mistake in loosening restrictions too soon before the summer as the country breaks its records for new cases
  • But there is a good economic news from Germany - booming online sales and the government's stimulus package has led to a predicted 1.5% growth in sales, according to one retail group
  • Some positive news for film-lovers too - production is set to increase after Hollywood unions and major film studios announced a deal on safety measures

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 13:49

New rules across the UK

While the prime minister has discussed his plans with the leaders of the other nations of the UK, he is only responsible for English rules.
So, what is happening across the rest of the UK?

What are the new rules in England?

From Thursday, all pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues in England must close by 22:00.
The sector will be restricted by law to table service only.
Currently, people in England can meet in groups of no more than six and they shouldn't mingle with other groups in pubs or restaurants.
Table bookings of more than six are not allowed.
Hospitality businesses are legally required to take customers' contact details so they can be traced if a potential outbreak is linked to the venue. Previously, they were advised to do so, but didn't have to officially.
Businesses can be fined if they take reservations of more than six, do not enforce social distancing or do not take customers' contact details.
Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said earlier there was evidence the 22:00 closing time had a "beneficial effect" on the spread of the virus.
So what are the rules around the rest of the UK? Read more here.


Johnson: 'Perilous turning point'

Boris Johnson begins his speech in Parliament saying he will outline how "we must act to avoid" a worse outcome.
The prime minister says there has been a "delicate balance" of measures, and the "common sense and fortitude of British people meant that earlier this year we were able to avert an even bigger catastrophe".
But we have now reached a "perilous turning point", he adds.
(Full speech will follow here later today)

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 15:53

Actually, I can't be doing with putting up the full blow-by-blow speech and relevant discussions here, because it's just getting me too annoyed ... blah

I will wait until we have some sort of clear, concrete sum-up of events, if such a thing materialises - or is even possible Rolling Eyes , and just post that up here if/when it becomes available.

Here ya go:

A summary of the new restrictions in England

Boris Johnson has announced new restrictions to try to stop the spread of coronavirus in England, which he said would probably stay in place for the next six months.
They include shop staff having to wear face masks, weddings being limited to a maximum of 15 people and people being told to work from home wherever possible.
Pubs, bars and restaurants will have to close at 22:00 BST from Thursday. And fines for breaking laws on gatherings and not wearing a mask will also increase to £200 for a first offence.

Here is a breakdown of all the new restrictions.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 16:50

Coronavirus - 22nd September Breaki26

Number of confirmed cases passes 400,000 in the UK

The number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus has passed 400,000 after 4,926 cases were confirmed as of 09:00 BST on Tuesday.
It takes the overall confirmed cases to 403,551.
A further 37 people died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the UK total to 41,825.

Ministers balance science and politics in latest rules

Laura Kuenssberg - Political editor
Coronavirus - 22nd September 3e444410

It's not a day for optimists, even though the prime minister himself is one of that tribe.
Tomorrow, it will be six months exactly since he told the nation to stay at home.
This time, Boris Johnson stopped well short of slamming the country's doors shut.
But what really stood out in his long statement in a miserable-looking Commons was his message that the limits put in place today will last another six months.
Even if you are very fond of your own company, lucky enough to have a secure job you enjoy and a comfy spare room where you can do it, it is quite something to contemplate.
The government now expects that all our lives will be subject to restrictions of one kind or another for a whole year - March 2020 to March 2021.
As each month ticks by, it becomes harder to imagine a return to anything like normal political life, or, more importantly, the way we all live.
We may not be waiting for a return to life as we knew it, but grinding through a moment of change.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 16:59

EU summit postponed as Council chief quarantines

Coronavirus - 22nd September A2935310
Mr Michel attended a video conference with the German and Turkish leaders earlier on Tuesday

European Council President Charles Michel has postponed an EU summit of leaders and quarantined himself after a security guard “with whom he was in close contact early last week” tested positive for Covid-19.
The president himself tested negative but “respecting Belgian rules, he has gone into quarantine as of today”, his spokesman said.
A meeting of the European Council was due to take place on Thursday and Friday, but has now been put back a week, until 1-2 October.

Rayner: 'Inaction' on test, track and trace has left us worse off

The World at One - BBC Radio 4
Coronavirus - 22nd September 27d72610

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has told the World at One "inaction on test, track and trace and financial support have left us in a worse position and we are seeing the virus out of control".
She said while Labour supported the introduction of measures brought in by the government the "inadequacy and incompetence" of the prime minister meant the situation was out of control.
The MP for Ashton-under-Lyme said additional restrictions in Greater Manchester, which have already been in place, had not made a difference due to a lack of testing.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 17:18

US death toll passes 200,000

President Donald Trump said in March that if deaths from coronavirus remained under 200,000 then the US would have done a "very good job". Tuesday saw the country reach that death toll, according to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU).
More than 6.8 million people are known to have been infected in the US, more than in any other country.
The milestone comes amid an increase in cases in a number of states, including North Dakota and Utah.
You can read more on this story here .
Coronavirus - 22nd September Cdbe1010
Flags representing those who have lost their lives to Covid-19 are placed on Washington's National Mall

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 17:36

Is it enough?

Pallab Ghosh - Science correspondent, BBC News
The government’s aim is to slow down and then reverse the surge in coronavirus cases through the measures it’s announced today. But are they enough?
Privately many of the scientists on the scientific advisory group don’t think the further tightening of restrictions in England go far enough. Some would have liked to have seen a strengthening of the "rule of six" so that six people from only two households could meet.
Others would have preferred complete closure of bars and restaurants for a period of time.
There’s support though for the reversion to the work from home if you can message, which will reduce infection on public transport.
And many applaud the prime minister for warning people that restrictions are likely to be in place for six months. After that, the warm spring weather will reduce the lifetime of the virus and enable people to spend more time outdoors.
But the scientists say the main unknown in their calculations is whether people will comply with the restrictions and stay at home when required to.
An analysis by Sage found fewer than 20% of people fully isolated if they were asked to by the Test and Trace service. There are anecdotal reports of people ignoring social distancing guidelines. Unless these behaviours change, the scientists say, the gentle brake the government has applied to a return to a more normal life will have to become an emergency stop, possibly within weeks.

People in Wales asked to avoid "unnecessary" journeys

People in Wales have been asked to avoid unnecessary journeys ahead of hundreds of thousands of people going into new lockdown restrictions.
Bridgend, Blaenau Gwent, Merthyr Tydfil and Newport face new restrictions from 18:00 BST as Covid-19 cases rise.
People will not be able to enter or leave the areas without a reasonable excuse.
But First Minister Mark Drakeford urged people across all of Wales to travel only if it was essential .
He is expected to announce further measures later.
Coronavirus - 22nd September 8e1d4510

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 17:43

Beware of 'Tanks on the Streets' rumours

Marianna Spring - Disinformation and social media reporter
At the start of the pandemic, false claims about tanks on the streets of the UK to enforce lockdown went viral online.
Following the prime minister's announcement that he might use the Army to enforce new measures, similar claims have spread on social media about the military and martial law.
A spokesperson for the prime minister has since clarified what he meant, explaining the system has been used in the past and would involve the military back-filling certain duties.
That includes guarding protected sites, so police officers can be out enforcing the virus response.
But with many of us worried, frustrated and consumed about new changes, it’s a fertile time for misinformation to spread in WhatsApp and Facebook groups.
Here’s a reminder of how you can stop bad information going viral:

  • Interrogate the source - and pause before you share. Where has the information come from? A copied and pasted message that’s attributed to a friend of a friend is much less reliable than trusted sources for updates
  • Ask yourself how a post makes you feel. Often misleading information and conspiracy theories play on the feelings of worry and frustration that come with news about possible restrictions
  • Think about bias. Lots of people share false claims about lockdown or coronavirus that confirm their political opinions. Criticism of the government’s handling of the pandemic, general confusion and opposition to measures are all very legitimate. Unhelpful panicky messages and claims coronavirus is a "hoax" are less useful

Barclays to send workers back home

Barclays will tell "hundreds" of UK staff who had gone back to the office to return to working from home .
The bank told the BBC it was making the move following the latest guidance from the government that people should work at home when they can.
About 1,000 Barclays employees worldwide returned to the office over the summer.
The bank had said it would carry out a "gradual" return to the office in October, after chief executive Jess Staley signalled that he wanted employees working from home during the pandemic to return to the office "over time".
Some business groups have reacted with dismay to the prime minister's call for people to work at home where they can.
It marks a change in policy following a government advertising campaign to get people back to work where safe.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 17:59

What are the new restrictions in Scotland?

After Nicola Sturgeon's statement at Holyrood here are some of the new "tough" measures which have been announced:

  • from tomorrow visiting other households will not be permitted - this will be reviewed every three weeks
  • exceptions to the new regulation include those living alone, or alone with children who form extended households as well as couples who have formed non-cohabiting relationships, informal childcare and tradespeople
  • meeting outdoors in groups of six from two households, including in gardens, is allowed and children under 12 do not count towards either limit
  • young people aged 12 to 18 can meet outdoors in groups of up to six from any number of households
  • people are advised not to car share with anyone from a different household
  • Hospitality businesses will have a strict 22:00 curfew
  • workers should work from home and, if employers do not comply, a legal duty may be introduced
  • people have also been advised not to travel overseas during October half term and the period should be used as an opportunity to limit social interaction
  • there will not be a return to shielding for people who are considered vulnerable

The first minister said she hoped reports that the restrictions could be in place for six months would not be true but said until a vaccine or other scientific developments are made "Covid will continue to have an impact on our lives"

Scottish restrictions - more extensive but maybe not for as long

Glenn Campbell - BBC Scotland Political Correspondent
The new Scottish restrictions are more extensive than those announced by Boris Johnson for England.
Nicola Sturgeon has matched the prime minister by introducing a 22:00 curfew for bars and restaurants.
Table service and some of the other new requirements for England already apply in Scotland.
In her Holyrood statement, the first minister said she was aligning with other UK nations “as far as possible”.
She also said her scientific team had advised that the UK government’s package “on its own will not be sufficient” to bring coronavirus under control.
The Scottish government’s gone significantly further by extending the west of Scotland ban on visiting others in their own homes nationwide.
Sturgeon said the new rules would be reviewed every three weeks and need not all last for six months - which was the timescale Johnson suggested for his measures.
All governments intend to back up their policies with enforcement but there has been no mention of big new fines in Scotland.
This is devolved decision-making in action in the biggest crisis since the creation of the Scottish Parliament.
Some argue divergence across the UK is confusing and undesirable but opinion polls consistently suggest the Scottish public trust Holyrood to set the pace.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 18:54

Change of tone on Covid-19 policing

Daniel Sandford - Home Affairs Correspondent
It is thought that police forces in England and Wales will become more proactive in terms of enforcing the Covid-19 regulations, as the rules tighten up again because of increasing numbers of infections.
While officers will continue to use the four Es – Engage, Explain, Encourage and then only Enforce if necessary – they may spend less time on the “Encourage” strand.
If somebody is blatantly, selfishly breaching the rules, and it is not an honest mistake, they can expect to get a Fixed Penalty Notice more quickly.
Speaking to policing sources today there is definitely a change in tone.
Senior officers believe the public should now understand quite clearly that, for example, they should not be having a large party, or leaving their home if they are infectious.
They welcome the offer of more financial support for policing the pandemic, which is likely to be spent on overtime.
New guidance will be produced by the College of Policing as soon as possible.
So far as support from the Army, this has been available throughout the pandemic. At no stage has any police force thought it necessary to seek military help, and it is not anticipated that this will change.

Pubs to close earlier in Wales

Wales is following England and Scotland in imposing a 10pm closing time on pubs, cafes and restaurants, the BBC understands.
Alcohol sales from off-licences and supermarkets will face the same cut-off time.
The measures come into force on Thursday, after which pubs will also be allowed to provide table service only.
First Minister Mark Drakeford will make a broadcast later this evening, after Boris Johnson's, which happens at 20:00 GMT.
Read the full story.

Canada's top doctor warns of looming Covid spike

Canadian officials say the country is "at a bit of a crossroads" and struggling to contain coronavirus.
New Covid-19 cases continue to climb throughout the country.
"With minimal controls, the virus is capable of surging into a very sharp and intense peak because most Canadians don't have immunity to the virus," Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam told the public on Tuesday.
Dr Tam said new cases were now mostly in young adults between 20 and 39, unlike early in the pandemic when the elderly were more likely to be affected. Urban areas are where the biggest hot spots are.
Officials are projecting, in the short term, 155,795 new cases by 3 October, up from today's count of about 145,000.
The concern is that in the coming months, the rate of infection could increase, causing new cases to surge and overwhelm hospitals as flu season approaches.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 19:39

UN General Assembly: US and China spar over virus

Coronavirus - 22nd September C7e15210

Let's return to the UN General Assembly where the leaders of the US and China have been speaking.
Despite a plea from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to avoid a "new cold war", US President Donald Trump had Beijing firmly in his sights as he gave his pre-recorded speech to the virtual Assembly.
He said China had "unleashed this plague onto the world" and the UN must hold it accountable. It was "not a subtle speech", said the BBC's Laura Trevelyan, but was "a clear attempt to shift blame" for the huge toll the pandemic has taken in the US ahead of the presidential election.
China's President Xi Jinping, in contrast, struck a more conciliatory tone, calling for greater cooperation over the pandemic and saying his country had "no intention to enter a Cold War with any country".
You can read more on the tensions at the General Assembly here .
Coronavirus - 22nd September Ad060110

Football clubs disappointed as fans return on hold

Plans to pause a return of fans to live sporting events from next month have been greeted with disappointment in the world of English football.
Proposals for a staged return to the stands will now be reviewed after the rise in Covid-19 cases.
Nicola Palios, vice-chair of fourth division Tranmere Rovers, fears the postponement could have a "devastating impact" and lead to clubs folding.
"A lot of clubs were already having financial difficulties before this pandemic started and this may sadly tip some of them over the edge," she said.
John Croot, chief executive of fifth division Chesterfield, said they had had "no idea" the pause was coming, calling the announcement this morning a "bombshell".
Read more .

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 19:41

PM to deliver TV address at 20:00 BST

If you're just joining us, we're expecting to hear from Boris Johnson in around half an hour, when he will deliver a TV statement after announcing new Covid-19 restrictions for England in Parliament earlier.
There are also new rules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and the leaders of the devolved governments will also be giving TV addresses this evening.
You'll be able to watch the PM's statement on this page, and we'll be bringing you the latest updates.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 21:56

West Ham manager Moyes and two players test positive for Covid-19

West Ham United manager David Moyes and two of his players have tested positive for coronavirus, the club has said .
Moyes, 57, defender Issa Diop, 23, and 24-year-old midfielder Josh Cullen will now be required to self-isolate.
"The manager and both players immediately left the stadium and have returned home," said a club statement.
The club was told of the results ahead of its Carabao Cup tie against Hull City on Tuesday.

What has changed in England?

The government has published its updated guidance for coronavirus measure in England, following Boris Johnson's televised address.
Here are some the changes:

  • Face coverings - customers in private hire vehicles and taxis must wear face coverings from Wednesday, staff in the hospitality industry will also be required to wear face coverings as will their customers except when seated to eat or drink
  • Working from home - where it is possible for workers to work from home they should
  • Businesses - Hospitality businesses must close between 22:00 and 05:00 and food and drink must be table service only
  • Meeting people - Support groups must now be limited to a maximum of 15 people (beginning on Thursday), as will weddings and civil partnership ceremonies from Monday. Indoor organised sport for over 18s will no longer be exempt from the rule of six

Read the updated guidance here

This is a wake-up call - Arlene Foster

Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster has described new restrictions in the nation as a "wake-up call" .
She said the "tough" new measures, which include banning different households from mixing indoors, were not a second lockdown, while Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neil called for a big push to curb the rise in cases during a joint televised address.
Mrs Foster said the actions being taken were "designed to prevent the need for a return to lockdown".
"We have risen to the challenge many times before," she said.
Ms O'Neill said: "The choices you make could be the difference between life and death for those closest to you."
The new measures came into effect at 18:00.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 22:01

Pentagon accused of diverting virus funds to military

Coronavirus - 22nd September 99ee5310
There have been national protests calling for more protective equipment for health workers

The US Congress approved a whopping $3tn emergency funding to fight the coronavirus pandemic back in March. But could it be that some of the money did not go to where it was intended?
That is the claim in a Washington Post report, which says $1bn earmarked for the US Defence Department to boost a shortage of medical supplies instead went on patching up gaps in military equipment procurement for items such as jet engines, body armour and uniforms.
Some defence contractors, the Washington Post goes on to say, had already tapped into other bail-out measures, such as the job-protection scheme.
Analysts say officials are struggling to account for some of the Congress-approved funds.
There has been no response yet from the Pentagon.
You can read the story in the Washington Post here .

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 22nd September

Post by Kitkat on Tue Sep 22 2020, 22:04

Latest coronavirus news from around the world

Thank you for following our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a quick reminder of the major stories from around the world:

  • The US has recorded more than 200,000 deaths and more than 6.8 million cases of the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University, which is tracking the pandemic.
  • US President Trump used his speech to the UN General Assembly to blast China for unleashing “this plague on to the world”.
  • An EU leaders’ summit was postponed for a week after European Council President Charles Michel was forced to go into quarantine.
  • Cases in Mexico surpassed 700,000, although the deputy health minister warned that the true number could be much higher

UK headlines: PM calls for resolve as new restrictions announced

If you are just joining us, or have been overwhelmed by the number of announcements, here are some of today's headlines from around the UK:

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for "resolve" as he introduced new restrictions in a bid to protect the country from a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Among the new measures is a 22:00 closing time for the hospitality industry, with similar announcements in Scotland and Wales, and a 15-person limit on weddings
  • Labour has supported the new restrictions but criticised the government, with shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth saying the new measures could have been avoided had ministers "fixed testing and tracing". Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said the prime minister "must take responsibility for what has gone wrong"
  • A ban on meeting indoors in Scotland has been extended across the whole country as the nation diverged from Westminster in its policy
  • Sports fans could be banned from stadiums until March , after plans for trialing the return of crowds were put on hold
  • The Bank of England boss Andrew Bailey has called for a "rethink" of the furlough scheme , which comes to an end at the end of next month
  • In Northern Ireland, new rules came into force at 18:00 today with First Minister Arlene Foster describing them as a "wake-up call" .


That's all for our live coverage today. Join us again tomorrow for more of the latest news on coronavirus as it happens.

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