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Coronavirus - 19th July


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:Covid-19: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 13:27

Summary for Sunday, 19th July

  • More than 600,000 people have died with the coronavirus around the world
  • Nearly a quarter of them were in the US
  • The world has seen the largest single-day increase in cases, the WHO says
  • The number of new cases of coronavirus rose by almost 260,000 in 24 hours
  • The EU is in its third day of talks to try to agree a rescue package for virus-hit countries
  • Millions of people have been told to stay at home amid an outbreak in the Spanish region of Catalonia
  • The global number of infections now stands at 14.3 million - Johns Hopkins University

Good morning and welcome to our coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.
We’ll be updating you on the latest updates from the UK and around the world.
Here are your latest headlines:

  • The number of new cases of coronavirus rose by almost 260,000 in 24 hours – the largest single-day increase since the pandemic began, the World Health Organization (WHO) said
  • More than 600,000 people have now died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he does not want to impose a second lockdown in the event of another coronavirus outbreak
  • Russia’s ambassador to the UK has rejected allegations that this country’s intelligence services tried to steal coronavirus vaccine research . UK security services said on Thursday that hackers targeting vaccine developers “almost certainly” operated as “part of Russian intelligence services”
  • EU leaders are meeting for a third day of discussions over a massive post-coronavirus economic recovery plan
  • The death toll in the US has now surpassed 140,000. More than 3.7 million cases have been confirmed
  • Australia’s Victoria state has recorded 363 new cases and three deaths. The government there has made it mandatory for people in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire to wear masks when outside their home

Biggest single day increase in cases since pandemic began

The number of new coronavirus cases rose by almost 260,000 in 24 hours – the largest single-day increase since the pandemic began, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday.
The WHO said it is the first time the number of new daily infections has surpassed a quarter of a million.
Countries with the biggest increases were the US, Brazil, India and South Africa.
Read more here

New cases around the world

More than 14 million cases have been confirmed and deaths have now surpassed 600,000 since the outbreak began, according to Johns Hopkins University.
Here are some of today's updates from countries around the world:

  • The Philippines has recorded 58 deaths and 2,241 additional infections
  • Australia had three deaths, bringing its total number to 122
  • Russia recorded 95 more deaths and 6,109 new cases
  • China reported 16 new infections, 13 of those in Xinjiang province
  • Hong Kong says it has 108 new confirmed cases
  • Pakistan said 46 people had died and 1,579 new cases had been detected, according to PTI news agency
  • Iran has confirmed 209 deaths and 2,182 confirmed cases

Czech Republic records high number of active cases

Rob Cameron - BBC Prague Correspondent
Coronavirus - 19th July C667f610
A few weeks ago people had been celebrating the relaxing of restrictions in the country

The number of active cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic has risen to 4,764, more than the previous high of 4,737 in April.
However, some have questioned the relevance of this statistic, as it takes a relatively long time to declare someone clear of Covid-19. The number of people in hospital - 135 - is also far lower than during April's peak, when the number was around 450. And only around two dozen of them are in need of supplementary oxygen or intensive care.
On Saturday, 113 cases were confirmed. Many of the new cases are in the country’s industrial north-east where an outbreak at a mine occurred.
On Friday, authorities tightened restrictions in the northeast of the country. The compulsory wearing of masks was reinstated along with a limit on restaurant opening hours.
The Czech Republic has had 358 deaths and 13,885 cases since the pandemic began there.

Iran records 209 new deaths as spike continues

Iran has confirmed 209 deaths and 2,182 confirmed cases in the past 24 hours.
Of the new people diagnosed, 1,324 have been hospitalised, a health ministry spokeswoman said.
People have been urged to avoid gatherings, adhere to social distancing and wear masks.
Yesterday, President Hassan Rouhani said that some 25 million people in the country had been infected by the virus. He also warned that 35 million people could become infected in the next few months.
However today health officials downplayed the president’s estimate, saying it was based on serological blood tests that measure exposure to the virus and cannot be relied on to show the current stage of the disease.
Iran's health ministry on Friday said 13,791 people had died from the virus.
Read more here about Iran’s struggle to contain a covid surge

Hong Kong situation 'critical' after cases spike

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam says the virus situation there is not yet under control after more than 100 new cases were recorded on Sunday.
“I think the situation is really critical,” she said.
Non-essential civil servants will work from home from Monday, she said. The city has more than 180,000 civil servants.
Amusement parks, gyms and other venues will remain closed for another week.
More than 2,000 cases have been recorded in Hong Kong and 12 people have died.

New Hong Kong measures announced

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has now announced that the city will conduct 10,000 tests a day. She also announced that authorities would make wearing face masks mandatory in indoor public spaces.
People already have to wear face coverings on public transport.
Last week the government brought back social distancing measures, closing bars, gyms and clubs. These restrictions will be extended.
Read more about the situation in Hong Kong here

Melbourne to make mask wearing mandatory

The Australian city of Melbourne is set to make mask wearing in public mandatory as it faces a spike in cases.
Victoria state, where Melbourne is located, reported a further 363 infections on Sunday. A lockdown is currently in place in Melbourne and some of its surrounding areas.
Premier Daniel Andrews said people in the city and in Mitchell Shire would be required to wear a face covering from midnight on Wednesday.
“You won’t be able to leave home without your mask and then wear it where it is absolutely essential to stop the spread of the virus,” he said.
Those who do not comply with the rule will face a $200 fine (£111, $140).
Australia has reported 12,000 cases of the virus since the pandemic began and 122 deaths.

Hong Kong spike and other headlines

Good afternoon to those of you are just joining us. Here's a round-up of the main stories at lunchtime here in the UK:

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 13:45

UK PM does not want a second national lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he does not want to impose a second national lockdown in the event of another coronavirus outbreak.
Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, he compared the option of a nationwide shutdown to a “nuclear deterrent” and said he does not think the country “will be in that position again”.
However the UK’s chief scientific adviser said there is “a risk” such measures could be needed as winter approaches.
Read more here

Labour's Nandy: 'Gaping holes' in PM's back to normal plan

The UK's shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy says people are nervous about spending again, despite many shops, restaurants and pubs reopening.
She told Sky News' Sophy Ridge: "There are great, gaping holes in the plan that the prime minister announced on Friday."
She said she believes many people aren't coming out of their houses and spending again because they're nervous about what it could mean.
"Whether there's going to be a second wave, whether the NHS is going to be overwhelmed," she said.
"And we really do need to get to grips with the test, trace and isolate system which the Government accepts is not fully functional."

UK can expect 'relative flatline' in cases if people are 'super careful'

The head of the Office for National Statistics has said said he hasn't noticed an uptick in coronavirus cases in the UK since lockdown measures were eased.
Prof Sir Ian Diamond told Sky News's Sophy Ridge: "If we are really super careful and if we are able to follow all the rules, it does seem to me that we should expect there to be a relative flatline at the moment.
"Clearly over the autumn we will need to be ever vigilant."
Sir Ian added that a V-shaped economic recovery - one that is quick and sustained - after coronavirus is still possible, but warned it was too early to tell.
"Certainly we did see some indication, with manufacturing up 8% and construction up 8%, of a return, but clearly there is much to do in places like hospitality and in accommodation."

Thousands at illegal rave in English countryside

Coronavirus - 19th July 852f0b10
Avon and Somerset Police said it was actively trying to shut down the gathering

Police say they will take action against the organisers of an illegal rave in the countryside near Bath in the west of England.
The event, at the former RAF Charmy Down airfield about three miles from the city, began late on Saturday and is still ongoing.
People living as far away as Bristol complained that the noise had kept them awake.
Avon and Somerset Police said the organisers were "selfish" to hold the event during the coronavirus lockdown.
Read more

What are the current UK social distancing rules?

Coronavirus - 19th July Efe9ed10
As cases decrease, the rules on social distancing are being relaxed

Social distancing rules are being relaxed across the UK.
However, rules are different in each UK nation – and there are still some restrictions in Leicester, which remains under a local lockdown.
Here’s your guide on social distancing depending on your location

What are the rules for face coverings?

Coronavirus - 19th July B3210610
Face coverings will become mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England on Friday

Wearing a face covering will become mandatory in shops and supermarkets in England from 24 July.
They are already compulsory in Scotland – but different rules apply across the UK.
Here’s all you need to know about face coverings

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 13:53

Is the coronavirus becoming more infectious?

The coronavirus that is menacing the world right now is not the same as the coronavirus that first emerged in China.
The virus is mutating.
Scientists have spotted thousands of mutations, or changes to the virus’s genetic material but only one so far has been singled out as possibly altering its behaviour.
Does this make the virus more infectious or lethal in humans? Could it pose a threat to the success of a future vaccine?
Read more here

Where are the world's virus hotspots?

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than 14 million confirmed cases in 188 countries. More than 600,000 people have lost their lives.
The number of new cases rose by almost 260,000 in 24 hours - the largest single-day increase since the pandemic began - the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday.
Read more here

Talks continue over EU coronavirus recovery plan

European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels, as they seek to overcome entrenched divisions over a massive coronavirus recovery plan.
The talks - which also encompass the EU's next long-term budget - have run into a third, unscheduled day.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that leaders might not reach agreement today.
Divisions include what proportion of a proposed coronavirus recovery plan should be allocated in non-repayable grants, as opposed to loans, and what, if any, conditions should apply to the aid.

Russia's ambassador to UK rejects vaccine hacking claims

Russia’s ambassador to the UK has rejected allegations that his country’s intelligence services tried to steal coronavirus vaccine research.
UK security services said hackers targeting vaccine developers “almost certainly” operated as “part of Russian intelligence services”.
Ambassador Andrei Kelin told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show: “I don’t believe in this story at all, there is no sense in it.”
Read more here

England deaths 'may be overstated by up to 4,000'

The number of people who have died from coronavirus in England may have been overstated by up to 4,000, says the BBC's health editor Hugh Pym.
It emerged that Public Health England (PHE) have been including anyone who has ever tested positive for the virus and subsequently died - even if from a completely different - in its daily reported Covid-19 death figures.
Pym said: "It looks as if the English death figures have been overstated by a few thousand – between 2,000 and 4,000."
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has launched an urgent review .
Meanwhile Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland include those who tested positive for coronavirus and died within 28 days of the test in its figures.

Beijing to lower virus emergency response level

Beijing will lower its coronavirus emergency response level from three to two, an official said on Sunday.
The Chinese capital has reported no new cases over the past 13 days.
However some restrictions will remain in place. A 50% visitor capacity on museums, gyms and libraries will remain. Exhibitions, sports events and other activities will gradually resume, the Global Times said.
All overseas visitors will still need to quarantine and undergo medical observation along with tests.
It comes as the province of Xinjiang recorded 13 new cases on Sunday.
On Saturday, one official in the provincial capital Urumqi told a state briefing: “The whole city has entered a ‘wartime state’ , and will suspend all kinds of group activities.”
The latest measures there include restrictions on visits to other households and large gatherings and mass screening in buildings where cases have been detected.
Residents have been urged not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary and must be tested if they do so.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 14:06

A socially-distanced royal wedding

Coronavirus - 19th July 037e7010

Pictures have been released of a royal wedding unlike any other.
In it, the Queen is seen standing at an appropriate distance from her granddaughter, Princess Beatrice, and her new husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (known as Edo).
Beatrice is wearing a dress on loan from the Queen, as well as the tiara she wore for her own marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh, who is also pictured at the Windsor nuptials. The Queen and Prince Philip have been isolating at Windsor Castle during the pandemic.
The wedding, on Friday, wasn't publicly announced in advance. Beatrice and Edo's original plans to marry in May had been scuppered due to coronavirus - and their ceremony was conducted adhering to all relevant guidelines, Buckingham Palace said.
But what are the rules for weddings now - whether you're royalty or not? Take a look at our explainer here .

'Midweek weddings to become norm in 2021'

More on weddings - like Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi most couples have had to postpone their 2020 marriage plans.
But with the race for 2021 dates already fiercely contested, it is likely that more people will have to make compromises to ensure they get a date in the diary. After all, when you've already cancelled once, why wait any longer?
With couples still hoping that 2021 will provide their dream wedding, midweek may be the way forward.
Read more about how wedding trends are changing

Ten temporary courts to open in England and Wales

Coronavirus - 19th July 0e0d7810

The justice secretary has announced 10 new "Nightingale courts" are being set up to tackle a backlog caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Robert Buckland said the temporary courts in England and Wales will hear civil, family and tribunals work as well as non-custodial crime cases to ease the pressure on the justice system .
All 10 will be running next month, with the first court at East Pallant House in Chichester expected to hear cases next week.
The move will free up room in existing courts to hear other cases, including custodial jury trials, which require cells and secure dock facilities to keep the public, victims and witnesses safe.
All jury trials in England and Wales were halted on 23 March as part of efforts to ensure social distancing rules.
Measures were put in place to resume jury trials in May, and 54 crown courts will be hearing cases as of next week.
The new Nightingale court sites are:

  • Former county court at Telford, Shropshire
  • Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage
  • Swansea Council Chambers, Swansea
  • Cloth Hall Court, Leeds
  • Middlesbrough Town Hall, Teesside
  • East Pallant House, Chichester
  • 102 Petty France, London
  • Prospero House, London
  • Former magistrates’ court at Fleetwood, Lancashire
  • Knights’ Chamber and Visitor Centre, Bishop’s Palace, Peterborough Cathedral

How are American all-you-can-eat buffets adapting?

Coronavirus - 19th July 1c99da10
Businesses such as The Shady Maples Smorgasbord are finding ways to adapt

The all-you-can-eat buffet is a dining experience much loved by Americans.
But in March, the US Food and Drug Administration, which regulates food safety for the federal government, recommended “discontinuing self-service buffets and salad bars” until the pandemic subsides.
Officials said it was due to the communal serving utensils which are usually touched by a number of patrons.
A number of businesses have chosen to adapt in order to survive – changing to a table service or getting a member of staff to pick the food.
Is it working?
Read more here

First Sunday services in Scottish churches since lockdown began

Coronavirus - 19th July B5282610
Parishioners at St Andrew's Cathedral attend a post-lockdown service

Sunday church services are taking place in Scotland for the first time since lockdown began in March.
As the Scottish government eased more restrictions, places of worship were allowed to open for communal prayer and services on Wednesday.
However, numbers will be limited to 50, singing and chanting is restricted and everyone attending will be asked for their contact details.
Separate rules are still in place for marriage ceremonies and funerals.
The Scottish government said its new guidance was not an "instruction" to reopen places of worship, adding: "Each place of worship should make its own decision about when it is ready to do this and should only reopen if this can be done safely."

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 15:33

Rats 'on rise' in affluent areas in Wales during lockdown

Coronavirus - 19th July Feb72310

The lockdown has had an unexpected effect on affluent areas of Cardiff – an increase in rats, according to the council.
The local authority's pest control department has seen a "significant rise" in calls for help, with rodents posing the biggest problem.
In June, the team was booked to deal with 304 incidents of rats, compared with 184 during the same month in 2019.
Council workers say they’ve seen a "marked shift" from rental areas with a high number of takeaways to more affluent parts of the city, including Whitchurch, Pontprennau, Rhiwbina and Thornhill.
Read more here

Live gigs are back - but social distancing poses problems

Ian Youngs - Entertainment and Arts Reporter, BBC News
Coronavirus - 19th July E52a8b10
Ultimate Elton was one of the first acts to perform in front of an audience since lockdown

"It's wonderful to be here this evening," says Elton John - or rather Ultimate Elton, a tribute act with an uncanny voice and an even more uncanny wig. "It's wonderful to be anywhere, really."
After four months with no concerts - at least none with a live audience - Ultimate Elton (AKA Paul Bacon) headlined one of the first gigs to return - a hastily-arranged, scaled-back, socially-distanced (mostly) Hale Barns Carnival.
Ultimate Elton shared Saturday's bill with George Michael (actually Andrew Browning). A pub beer garden on the outskirts of Manchester may not be Wembley Stadium, and Paul and Andrew may not actually be Elton and George, but they are the best we've got for now.
As most of the 200 people in the Bulls Head garden got on their feet as Ultimate Elton launched into I'm Still Standing ("A good end of lockdown song"), it showed what we have all been missing - people together, in the same place, at the same time, having a blast.
The question is, can they do it safely?
Read more here

Zimbabwe police arrest 1,000 for breaking rules

Will Ross - Africa editor, BBC World Service
The lockdown in Zimbabwe has been eased slightly but many people are still being accused by the police of breaking the rules.
A police spokesman said over the last two days more than 1,000 people had been arrested either for not wearing a mask or for what he called unnecessary movement.
Human rights groups and the opposition have accused the Zimbabwean government of using the lock-down to suppress the opposition and to arrest activists - something it denies.In the midst of an economic crisis there are calls for more protests.
But President Emmerson Mnangagwa appears increasingly intolerant of criticism and if people take to the streets there are bound to be many more arrests.

Catalonia urges thousands more to stay home

More than 96,000 people in three towns in Catolonia have been told to stay at home as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the Spanish region.
It follows an earlier requirement for four million people around Barcelona to stay home for two weeks.
People living in Figueres and Vilafant, in the province of Girona, and Sant Feliu de Llobregat, near Barcelona, have also been asked to stay at home except for essential journeys.
A total of 1,226 new cases were reported in Catalonia on Saturday.
More than 170 localised outbreaks have been reported since Spain eased its strict restrictions on 21 June. More than 28,000 people have died of Covid-19 in Spain since the outbreak.

Nine further Covid-19 deaths in England and Wales

A further eight people who tested positive for coronavirus have died, bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals in England to 29,181, according to NHS England.
The eight patients were aged between 61 and 91 years old. All had known underlying health conditions.
Scotland reported no new deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. However, it has 23 new confirmed cases of the virus – 21 were reported yesterday, the highest daily amount in almost a month .
There has been one new coronavirus death reported in Wales on Sunday.
Public Health Wales reported 31 new cases, meaning 16,928 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in Wales.

Turkey suspends flights to Iran amid spike

Turkey has suspended flights to Iran following a spike in cases there.
A spokesman for Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization Reze Jafarzadeh was quoted as saying the suspension was due to coronavirus worries.
Iran recorded 209 deaths in the past 24 hours and 2,182 confirmed cases.
More than 14,000 people have died there since the pandemic began.
Turkish Airlines had resumed flights to the country on 11 June.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 15:44

What is the new lockdown like in Barcelona?

Coronavirus - 19th July 36fa8c10
Barcelona has seen a spike in cases

As we mentioned earlier, Barcelona is currently under new lockdown restrictions.
Carmen Callizo is the owner of the SlowMov coffee shop and roastery in the city's Gràcia neighbourhood, she described the new lockdown to BBC’s Newshour.
She said that people who did not follow news were largely unaware of the second lockdown and those that did follow the news had left Barcelona.
“The streets are more empty because those who have homes outside have left Barcelona. They said last Thursday that it was recommended that people should not go outside Barcelona but they did the opposite.”
Callizo had to put her staff on furlough during the last lockdown and had only just started bringing her team back.
“The last two days we have had less people in the coffee shop. We are still selling online and having wholesale customers which is half of our business. We don’t know if we will keep open or not.
“The message from the government is that they are recommendations. We will see next week if we can keep them [staff]. People can’t just go out for a walk, they have to the supermarket so I don’t know if drinking in a coffee shop is considered a business,” she said

LA 'on brink' of stay-at-home order - mayor

Coronavirus - 19th July Ec306e10
A man takes a coronavirus test at a walk-in test site in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has said the city is on the "brink" of issuing another stay-at-home order.
Over the past two weeks, Los Angeles County has recorded 39,557 new cases.
Appearing on CNN, Garcetti was asked how much worse does it would need to get in Los Angeles before he would be compelled to issue another stay-at-home order.
"I think we're on the brink of that," he replied.
He said the reopening of business and activities in the city had taken place too soon.
"Mayors often have no control over what opens up and doesn't - that's either at the state or county level - and I do agree that those things happened too quickly," he said.
"This virus ... preys on us in those moments when we don't have a unified national front or we as individuals think: 'Ah, this isn't going to be a big deal'," he added, before switching his attention to President Donald Trump.
"We need national leadership and this is the last chance for this president to prove that he cares about the people of this country and to step up and do something."

'Wales should have been better prepared'

Wales should have been better prepared for when coronavirus arrived, the chair of Senedd’s health and social care committee has said.
Dai Lloyd said Wales “did not have” appropriate coronavirus testing capacity and did not have enough personal protective equipment.
Coronavirus was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 30 January and Wales’ first case was confirmed on 28 February.
Read more here

Sumo fans back in the audience after five months

Coronavirus - 19th July 311dd510
The July tournament was moved to Tokyo to reduce the risk of infection for those travelling to the event

Sumo fans were able to see matches this weekend for the first time in months.
The July tournament was delayed by two weeks after its location was changed from Nagoya to Tokyo in order to reduce the risk of infection for those travelling there.
Another tournament in March was held behind closed doors.
About 2,500 fans a day are able to watch the tournament, which is scheduled to last for two weeks. The Ryogoku Kokugikan has a capacity of 11,000, Reuters reports.
Images from the event show spectators observing social distancing and wearing masks.
Wrestlers are not allowed to go outside unless it is deemed necessary.
Coronavirus - 19th July 25f3d510
Only 2,500 fans were allowed in the audience
Coronavirus - 19th July 4e6fb710
Wrestlers taking part in the event are not allowed to go outside unless it is absolutely necessary

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 16:14

Second daily jump in Scotland virus cases

More than 20 new cases of Covid-19 have been detected in Scotland for the second day in a row.
Saturday saw the biggest rise in nearly a month with 21 new cases - the largest daily increase since 21 June.
A further 23 confirmed cases were reported on Sunday.
No new deaths were registered in Scotland following a positive test for the virus, meaning that only one death in the last 11 days has been recorded using this measure.
Linda Bauld, who is professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, said Scotland was going through a "risky period" as lockdown measures were eased. This includes the opening of indoor areas in bars and restaurants for the first time since March.
But Prof Bauld also said the rise in cases could be due to an increase in testing.
The increases over the past two days were "slightly concerning" however, she added.
Read more about it here

Nigeria's foreign minister tests positive

Nigeria’s foreign minister confirmed he has tested positive for the virus.
Geoffrey Onyeama confirmed the news on Twitter.
tweet  Geoffrey Onyeama:
:Left Quotes:  Did my fourth Covid-19 test yesterday at the first sign of a throat irritation and unfortunately this time it came back positive. That is life! Win some lose some. Heading for isolation in a health facility and praying for the best.

'Almost half' of Blackburn virus case contacts not reached

Only about 50% of people who have been in close contact with someone with coronavirus in the Blackburn area in north-west England have been reached by contact tracers.
The figure was revealed by Prof Dominic Harrison, public health director of Blackburn with Darwen Council.
New cases have been rising in the Blackburn with Darwen council area, leading to extra restrictions being brought in.
Prof Harrison warned of the "exponential growth" of new infections if the contract tracing system did not become more efficient.
The government said the NHS scheme had helped identify thousands of cases.
It is not clear why the contacts provided were not able to be reached.
Read more on the situation in Blackburn here .

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

Post by Kitkat on Sun Jul 19 2020, 17:32

More than 12,000 new cases in Florida

Florida has reported 12,478 new cases of coronavirus.
The latest figures mean that for the fifth day in a row Florida has announced more than 10,000 new infections. The state reported 89 new deaths on Sunday.
Fatalities have risen by 78% during the last two weeks compared with the two weeks before, according to analysis by the Reuters news agency.
The number of daily cases confirmed through testing in the US has increased to more than 60,000 but the number of daily deaths remains about half as high as during the peak in April.
Coronavirus - 19th July 3bb95610

Further 27 deaths recorded in UK

A further 27 Covid-19 associated deaths have been recorded in the UK. It brings the total number of deaths of people who have had a positive test to 45,300.
The number of new cases has risen by 726 in the past 24 hours, to a total of 294,792.
The latest figures were published on the government's coronavirus dashboard

No cases in Cuba for the first time in 130 day

Cuba has announced no coronavirus infections for the first time in 130 days.
“I always tell you to stay safe at home, but I know many will go to the beach today,” said Francisco Duran, head of epidemiology at the Ministry of Public Health, after taking off his mask.
The Communist-run country has been praised for its handling of the pandemic.
Cuba has managed to keep the number of infections to under 2,500 with 87 deaths.

More than 50 young people arrested for Bolivia party

Police in Bolivia have arrested more than 50 young people during a party in the city of Santa Cruz, which has the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country.
Police said the event, which took place at a private house, was organised via social media in order to avoid the attention of the authorities.
More than 56,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus in Bolivia, including the interim president, Jeanine Áñez, and several cabinet ministers.
The province of Santa Cruz accounts for half of all cases reported in the country.

Hungary PM accuses Dutch PM of grudge amid EU deadlock

Kevin Connolly, BBC Europe Correspondent
Coronavirus - 19th July D1485b10
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

The Hungarian prime minister has accused his Dutch counterpart of holding a personal grudge against him as EU leaders struggle to reach a deal on a coronavirus recovery package for a third day.
Some member states believe the proposed €750bn ($857bn; £680bn) package is too large and should come as loans, rather than grants.
Some wealthy net-contributor states like the Netherlands want that recovery fund to consist mainly of repayable loans, not grants and to be tied to economic reform. That’s resented by the likely beneficiaries, Greece, Italy and Spain.
The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte also firmly supports the idea of making aid to Poland and Hungary conditional on assurances from them about judicial and media freedoms.
In response, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, accused Rutte of having a personal grudge against him, and of trying to link financial help to political issues.
"I don't know what is the personal reason for the Dutch prime minister to hate me or Hungary but he is attacking so harshly and making very clear that because Hungary, in his opinion, does not respect the rule of law must be punished financially," Orban told reporters.
This unusually forthright response from the Hungarian leader Viktor Orban shows how high feelings on that matter are running. For all the strength of that rhetoric there is a sense that differences are being narrowed although it’s still impossible to say if there’ll be a deal this weekend.

Testing falls in Bangladesh after fake screening scandal

Health authorities in Bangladesh say the number of people being tested for coronavirus has fallen by almost half, following a huge fake screening scandal.
More than a dozen people, including a hospital owner in Dhaka, have been arrested on allegations of issuing bogus certificates to thousands of patients, saying they were virus-free without testing them.
There were 18,000 tests being carried out each day in late June, but that has fallen to just over 10,000 in the past two weeks.
Experts say there is increasing public distrust of testing following the scandal.
Bangladesh has recorded more than 200,000 confirmed infections with 2,618 deaths.

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:Covid-19: Re: Coronavirus - 19th July

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Possible cluster at virus contact-tracing centre in Scotland

A potential cluster of Covid-19 cases is being investigated in Scotland, health officials have confirmed.
BBC Scotland understands the outbreak involves a call centre in North Lanarkshire which carries out coronavirus contact tracing for Public Health England.
One employee said he believed at least seven of his colleagues had tested positive.
NHS Lanarkshire said it was aware of a number of "potentially linked cases".
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Mosque 'made mistake' in allowing 250 people at funeral

A mosque in the north-western English town of Blackburn says it made a mistake in allowing 250 people to attend a funeral on Monday. The number of people allowed at weddings and funerals is currently 30.
The chairman of Jamia Ghosia mosque told the BBC it was their first funeral since lockdown and they made a mistake - believing any number could attend as long as there was proper social distancing and hygiene measures.
The mosque says its imam, who led the funeral prayer, has tested positive for Covid-19 and has emailed its congregation urging them to self-isolate for seven days or take a coronavirus test.

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Coronavirus - 19th July Acdda610
Hong Kong has seen a spike in cases

We're pausing the live page for now, thanks for joining us. Here's a round-up of the day's main coronavirus developments:

  • The global death toll has passed 600,000. Almost a quarter of those - more than 140,000 - have occurred in the US
  • Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam says the virus situation there is not yet under control after more than 100 new cases were recorded on Sunday. Non-essential civil servants will work from home from Monday
  • The EU has so far failed to agree a rescue package for virus-hit countries during a third day of talks. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has accused his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte of having a personal grudge against him
  • UK Prime Minister does not want another national lockdown and has compared the option to a "nuclear deterrent"
  • Only about 50% of people who have been in close contact with someone with coronavirus in the Blackburn area in north-west England have been reached by contact tracers
  • A potential cluster of Covid-19 cases is being investigated in North Lanarkshire . BBC Scotland understands the outbreak involves a call centre which carries out coronavirus contact tracing for Public Health England
  • Ten temporary "Nightingale courts" are being set up to help clear a backlog of hearings caused by the coronavirus pandemic

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